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> Liberal's Fibre/wifi *or* Labour's Fttn (fibre) ?, which way for the australian link-up ...
Liberal's Fibre/wifi *or* Labour's Fttn (fibre) ?
Liberal's Fibre/wifi *or* Labour's Fttn (fibre) ?
"Howard's": combination of WiMAX and ADSL2+ tendered by offshore alliance [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
"Rudd's" : FTTN (fibre to the node) tendered by current homebaked telco [ 1 ] ** [100.00%]
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post Jun 22 2007, 08:26 AM
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[well i totally fizzzed the poll, so skip it]

i still use and think 28.8k on my 56k is magic at times and an amazing thing to have...

"one" could say that "the" government makes the money anyway so why not be into the best system available... what that is though seems the debate...

personall the less "radio" transmissions being pulsed through this country and my bed the better...

how do you see it ?


perhaps though, the definition between business and enthusiatic accomplishment is deminishing to a low hum
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post Jun 22 2007, 10:52 AM
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Is it still fizzed?

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post Jun 22 2007, 05:13 PM
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isnt this a bit off topic?
even though a signifcant amount of posts on this forum comes from australians, the number of australians on this forum is quite small...and besides, the cost for both options are miscalculated anyway, just read up on the customs project, maybe we will all end up having to use 28k dialup modems (at least i still have mine lying around)...
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post Jun 22 2007, 05:37 PM
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From: South East of South Australia
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isnt this a bit off topic?

somewhat, more deserving of the australian user group section and if someone could move it id be ok with that.

the cost for both options are miscalculated

i did feel that, and restrained from quoting the figures

the customs project,

i found this phrase a bit to generic to find what you would be refering to ? can you point me a link perhaps ?

i was thinking that offshore people could still comment or vote just on the differeing mediums being offered.

it isnt a big deal, for most current internet users id say, but more the people not here yet or not "well" connected...
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post Jun 22 2007, 09:45 PM
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did anyone catch the 730 report on the ABC?, it seemed to me that the interviewee had no idea and was just going off what they had been told

an example of this was when challenged about bandwidth avalible when under peak load (5 o'clock for eg) for wimax they stated that the same problem occured with an exchange and that it was worse. this was an outright lie for anyone who has used a wired and unwired account, at peak times you are lucky to get 56k

that about sums it up, both sides are just repeating what thier egineers tell them without thinking or understanding it

my personal prefrence would be for adsl2+ out to everyone but i understand this is not posible, the major argument howard had going was that if you went wired you had to be within range of an exchange. what they dint say is that its the same with wimax and wimax only gets line of sight (fine in our bushland)

there are advantages to both as well as disatvantages:

WiMax Advantage:
* One peice of hardware serves multiple clients
* Low mainntaince costs for telcos
* Sounds good to manegment (this is THE most important point)
Wimax Disadvantage:
* Systems like this tend to be overloaded (time share)
* High hardware costs (this is new tech)
* Unproven
* Line of sight
* Spectrum (AFAIK the wimax spectrum is owned by unwired, so ethier new spectrum needs to be bought or it needs to be relicenced, keep in mind unwired currently has plans to upgrade to wimax so selling the spectrum)

Wired Advantage:
* Cheaper hardware
* Proven to work
* Upgardeable
* Utilises exsisting telco lines
* Open to competion (ie multiple isps with equipment in the same exchange)
Wired Disadvantage:
* It costs money to lay down new wires
* In some cases wires may need te be upgraded
* "Activation" (think telstras long delays for activating lines for other telcos)
* Ongoing matiance costs for Telcos

from a user point of view and buisness competion point of view (ie the smaller guys) the wired is the best solution, wireless will in this case create a good postiion for the controlling company to create a lockin situation in the rural area.

to the goverment wireless looks like the best postion finacially for them, however they only see the shorterm games and as far as i can tell they have had the wool pulled over thier eyes as it would not suppise me if they telco could out manover them on how much they pay (inital costs are buying the spectrum, thier are ongoing costs such as fees and taxeses to the goverment)

i dont belive the govement would put the money into this unless there was an election comming up (oh wait there is wink.gif) and they see the chance to make the money back in the long term (which as i said i belive the telco will out manouver them on this one)

note i didnt talk about the cities here as they will win no matter what happens and i am glad telstra dosent get a cent. however i wish some funds would be dropped into upgrading the wirlpool network and laying down more lines to other countries for ddiffrentisps to level the playing field somwhat

thats my analisys, lets see how it goes
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post Jun 22 2007, 11:52 PM
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It sounds as though you might get something out of looking into how things are don e here in sunny Alaska. As you might guess we are a mixed enviroment with various wireless technologies supplying the bush villages. I haven't paid a lot of attention lately.
Our main brand name providers are gci (cellular1) ACS, Alascom, if you feel like looking into it.

Because of the native villages (and the schools and clinics in them) AK. got online in the bush pretty quickly- and because of the climate and distances laying wire can be a collosal pain here. There is probably quite a lot of information on how things worked (or not) out over the past 10+ years the bush has been online.
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