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Posted by: Varti Dec 7 2017, 05:12 AM


as you probably know, ELSI ( has been offline since some years now. I have checked on the Ibiblio server, and apparently the account has been deleted, probably due to missing maintenance and/or lack of feedback from the admins. I have now contacted dz, which I believe was the account's owner, to ask him if he has been contacted by the server admins for the matter. I'll try to get a mirror of the account and the database (from ibiblio if necessary), so that at least we don't lose any data.

Regarding the future of the site, my idea was to install a new web interface to host all the data from ELSI, a local copy of all the archives I manage to find, plus the feeds and webpage mirrors I'm collecting, in order to have a central repository for all the software for Zaurus and other, similar devices. I'd take a look at what free PHP file portals are available, and modify it if necessary to suit our needs. I'd keep the name ELSI (Embedded Linux Software Linux), since I'd be targetting the Zaurus and other devices (we already host here an OpenSimpad feed, for example). I'll ask if it will be possible to reopen the account, and if we'll get it up again I'll try to put the old ELSI back online in the meanwhile.

Here's a mirror of the first page of ELSI on, in case you'd like to see how it looked like:

Stay tuned.

Posted by: Varti Dec 7 2017, 05:35 AM

Just got a reply from dz, unfortunately he doesn't have any backup of it, I'll now ask ibiblio if they have one themselves.


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