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> 802.11g And Wpa?, supported at all on any ROM any version?
post Mar 1 2005, 02:33 PM
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has anyone gotten an 802.11g card to work, and with WPA?

snag is at work they only want to run 11g and WPA (Apple airport extreme) on their wireless lan for security; there's only a vague chance they would drop it down to 802.11b (if the Senior Sysadmin decides to get an iPaq with wlan)... but will definitely stick with WPA.

I would get murdered if I put up my own access point (and rightly so!), so I'd have to use bluetooth, which is OK for surfing but not for file transfer.

I would be happy to choose ANY rom, and I have quite a lot of experience with linux and 802.11~ from hacking together an access point with the Keith Smith OpenSTA/OpenAP stuff on a eumitcom single board computer, so am not afraid of getting my hands dirty!

thanks for any thoughts
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post Mar 17 2005, 10:19 AM
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From: Cambridge, England
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Problem with WEP is you have to change the keys quite regularly, or face having it cracked. I share my ADSL with a neighbour, and change the key monthly, even though they are very low traffic. The access point is on a separate network, v heavily firewalled off from my lan in the house, and can only be used to surf the net or collect pop3 email.

Problem with making an access point dual b + g is that when a b client connects, the whole wlan slows down to b mode. So, this is why at work they run only g mode with WPA, and hence my desire to run 11g+WPA.

So at work I am currently using bluetooth with my SuSE linux desktop acting as a gateway (using PAND and not ppp over rfcomm). I haven't bought an 802.11 card yet, whilst consulting the learned body that is OESF!

Thanks very much for all the replies, very enlightening. I've been a linux user on servers for years, on desktop for three years, been following Zaurus product forever but only took the plunge a few weeks ago to buy an SL-C860 and so far am very impressed with the robustness and richness of the networking and all the apps.

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