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> 128 Mb Memory Upgrade
post Apr 19 2005, 07:18 AM
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[crossposted to the C3000 forum]

Now I have a better understanding on hardware memory upgrades - good & bad news.

The bad news: the memory stick I opened was a 8 Mb TSOP40 (bad luck - it must be TSOP48 to be hardware compatible. Anyone feel likes opening his 128Mb memory stick and count memory chip pins to check if he/she's more lucky?)

The good news: with the chineese forum pics I could validate my ideas. See the following pics: the samsung chip is k9f2808u0c - google for that and you'll see the size matches the flash, and it is tsop48


Even better- noticed the empty spot below? You can solder a second tsop48 chip. However this may require additional hardware hacks + kernel changes to activate the 2nd bank.

My suggestion to anyone with good soldering skills and a C3000 : purchase a 128 Mb memory stick and (hopefully) find a 128 Mb nand chip inside. Transplant it to your Zaurus. It will be empty, so you will have to go to the diagnostic menu. Then restore a 128 Mb dump from a C1000 - voila, you know have a super 3000. The same should apply to any zaurus also using TSOP 48 chips.

The big question is - will it work (boot, etc.) ? Good question, so I investigated the boot loader from my 6000.


The bad news: I may or may not do with a tc58100 - the bootloader just doesn't know it. Ie - it may work, but I don't want to take risk (my soldering skills are not that good to risk my zaurus life twice)

The good news: A Toshiba TC58DVG02AFT or a Samsung K9K1G08U0M are recognised by the bootloader (the default chip is TC58512FT or K9F1208U0M on a 6000, ie a 64 Mb/512MB chip)

For a Sl6000, this would require 1) flashing the rescue kernel with a special kernel that will know the flash is a 128 Mb 2) doing a nandbackup, exploding the nandbackup, increasing its size to 128 Mb 3) doing the above mentionned hack, only with a Toshiba TC58DVG02AFT or a Samsung K9K1G08U0M 4) restoring the hacked nandbackup 5) booting in the rescue kernel to reformat the 2nd partition and install an identical 1st kernel

See http://www.externe.net/zaurus/flash/nandmap.jpg for kernel informations.

All this sounds like a cool hack. Now someone please find me the chips (call toshiba USA - http://www.toshiba.com/taec/ I'm in France :-) I'm ready to get a Cxxxx just for the hacking purpose :-)
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post Apr 20 2005, 04:30 AM
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Sorry for your ipaq :-(

Yes I'm talking about rectangular nand chips. Here's a PM reply I sent about how to proceed and other possible upgrades.

IIRC, there're 4 slots for RAM with only 2 being used, and 2 for flash with only 1 being used.

Possible safe defaults is 128 Mb of RAM using the same chips and 256 Mb of flash using different chips. A maximum is 256 Mb of RAM and 128 Mb of flash. I'm much more interested in flash and I'd rather have one upgrade working than 2 pendings, but RAM could be done too later on.


The diagnostic menu is not there but on a separate chip so it should work fine. However you don't need a TH58100FT but a Toshiba TC58DVG02AFT or a Samsung K9K1G08U0M. Other chips might work but I'm far from sure. These 2 chips are mentionned in the bootloader and diagnostic so I'm quite sure they should work well, and I'd prefer being on the safe side.

How much do a TC58DVG02AFT cost ? (could I pay you to get one for me ? I'm really interested in the upgrade too.)

Would you like to perform the upgrade yourself ? You only need good soldering abilities to remove the old chip and make the new one work.

I can guide you though the software part.

Theorically you could use 2x 128 chips at once (not sure about 1x128 1x64), but that may require additional hardware and software modifications. I'm ok on the software side, but I'm not sure for the hardware. I'll have to ask some friends.

If the chips are cheap (they should cost around $20 each) it's worth soldering 2x 128 anyway. In the worst case, one will not work, without causing any damage. In the best case, 256 Mb of flash will work immediately. Inbetween, it will require soldering 1 single wire to activate the 2nd bank.
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