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> Mobile Phone Type Applications, A litte work on Zphoneing You'll love!!!
post Dec 31 2005, 08:10 PM
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Well, I finally plumbed up and bought a CF GPRS/GSM card, it arrives tuesday. As far as I can see, it follows the exact same standard as all the other CF GPRS/GSM cards.

Only problem is, I'm gonna need to spend my life in Terminal, aren't I?

I founf an Activation kit, which I've installe,d worked my way through hundredds of pages on GPRS and AT commands, and have got a command lne that I THINK will connect me to o2 gprs, may need a bit of tweaking, but all works out of the Zaurus Network Applet.

I've even found an old alpha of a Dialing Device on externe, but it doesn't appear to be still in development.

I'm pretty sure it's possible to use the old zSMS and qtSMS program and frontend to send SMS, just have to make sure it sends the AT pin command, followed by the rest of it's syntax, to /dev/modem or similar. Unfortunately, zSMS no longer seems to work, so unless someone's got it handy on their systems, and can send it to me, I can't play with that one.

Found some useful sites though. . .


So as far as I can see, I could write a program in amiga bloody basic to send this data, but unfortunately, you can;t run said Amiga Basic program via a friendly QT GUI on a Zaurus 5x00.

So, what I'm wondering, is if anyone who knows anything about Z-C-coding, can help me look at making an all-in-one Zaurus telephony system?

My concept is for a configurable Taskbar applet to keep an Eye on the serial port, so whenever it detects "RING RING RING", it can resume the Z and play a ringtone, maybe with a little friendly screen (With a big green answer button on it) a litl elike the Calendar alarm screen and bleep.

Combine that with 2 or 3 little programs (Launchable from said applet) to send SMS (Maybe ieven MMS??) and dial numbers etc. A call register would be nice, too! wink.gif

I was thinking it could be done in Java, using javax.comm, at least for Dialing, call regisering and SMSsssing, although sadly the Applet'll be definately harder. . .

But yes, as far as I know (Will test/tweak/hack it on Tuesday) I have GPRS Data connection, and a very simple dialer. I also have a working terminal program, so if all else fails, I can do it the hard way for now.

Just a long, complex, intricate and DAMN GOOD thought!
this idea is © Graham Simpson 2006 and realeased under whatver GPL is available at this moment (4:15 AM) If I can do that.

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