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> Build Your Own Linux Powered Pda
post Jun 5 2006, 08:00 PM
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I've had the idea about rolling my own Linux powered PDA for some time, but I've been busy with another project of mine. So, I haven't posted about this idea, but recently Da_Blitz posted:

the iMX3 is a custom PDA idea as the 2700G chip is VERY hard to get. dont want to hijack this thread anymore so if you want more info then contact me direct or make another post

Definately looking for some more info on that!

Here's some interesting ideas to get the thread started:

GumStix ( www.gumstix.com www.gumstix.org ): Very small, proprietary, stackable modules. Very hobbyist friendly, but current models are still based around the Intel PXA255.

Colibri Module : PXA270 with most of the needed chips built in, and connections for most of the rest, in a formfactor of a DDR SODIMM. Moderately hobbyist friendly, with boards only 119Euros for the 520MHz version, but with a fixed handling fee for Hardware of 100 EUR and shipping of 45 EUR. You'll want to order more than one to be price effective with this supplier.

CM-X270 Computer-On-Module: I stubbled on to this site last night. No idea about this supplier's ablity to handle hobbyists, or even the cost of the module. However, you can configure a pretty impressive COM on that page. Up to PXA270 520Mhz, 128MB of RAM, Intel 2700G with 8MB of its own RAM, audio codec, and 512 MB of NAND flash!

Take a look at the Google Ads when you do a search for 'Arm development board', as quite a few Ads hit the mark for what we would want, if they could be had cheap, and single unit quanties (which most aren't sad.gif ).
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post Jun 17 2006, 12:46 AM
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if i was designing a pda here would be my basic design plan

-the case design would be a real hard decision since there are fans of both clamshell and regular pda design. if it was my decision i would most likely go for the zaurus CXXXX clamshell with tablet folding capability because it seems to be more versitile and easier to integrate a built in keyboard

-ARM processor at least 400 mhz preferably 500-600 range or at least capable or overclocking to that range

-lcd display of at least 320x240 but strongly suggest 640x480 size (try to avoid odd sizes such as 800x480 since that would most likely cost more since there would be less of a demand in the market for that size of display.) touch screen of could would be needed. the size i would look for would be in the 3.5" to slightly over 4" range

-external memory slot in the form of at least 1 CF possibly 2 CF if the chosen processor already has 2 ide channels built in. add a sd in at least mmc 1 bit mode or better yet 4 bit mode since it gives cheap memory expansion in a small size for very little I/O cost

-when it comes to the modern connectivity way of life i would strongly urge to add wireless capabilty with preferably bluetooth and wifi. the wifi capabilty may be best to keep with a CF card if two CF slots are availible. the cost is quite low for the user to add and it gives the option to add a cf wifi card with wardriving features such as external antenna. the bluetooth is an option that should be added to the board even if it is not populated so the user has the option to add it latter or have more than one hardware model so those who do not use bluetooth dont have to pay the extra cost.

-when it comes to ram 64MB is the bare minimun and 128MB is what i would suggest. better yet some memory ic chips have 64MB and 128MB versions in the same footprint so you can have one design with a possibility of two different memory options. better yet if you could find an affordable memory ic with 64, 128, 192, or even 256MB options in the same footprint that would be the best choice.

-when you look at most rom distrobutions 96mb is the lowest i would put in a newer pda since that can easily be filled up. better yet is to use a 128, 192, or 256MB footprint compatable ic in the design like the ram to give more flexibility.

-an integrated keyboard is a must especially in a clamshell design

-built in headset jack and built in microphone/speaker is a must

-USB on the go is a must and since alot of usb devices need a good amount of power i would recomment an optionable external battery pack be designed to be able to clip onto the bottom the the pda to allow longer battery life.

-i can see IR ports being taken over by bluetooth, but i would still include it. as a hardware hacking freindly feature i would design the ir module to be disconnectable and allow a plug to be exposed that could have something else plugged in.

-follow the "if you dont use it dont cover it up" idea. basically if you dont use a pin or line pull it out to a contact pad and document it.

-all most forgot this one. you need a serial port for linux use. biggrin.gif

-jtag port pulled out in an easy to use way (dont nessesarly add a header pin to plug it in, but at least have the possibility to add one

-ohh and a gift for the hardware hackers. smile.gif a cpld/fpga on board with all or most unused or even some used lines run through it for customization.

the hardest things to deal with for this in my opinion would be the display at a reasonable cost.

my case design would most likely be a clamshell with a CF slot on either side and the SD, IR, and usb connectors in the front. and the audio and docking connectors in the back. on the bottom i would have clips for holding an extra battery pack and also expansion plug on the bottom like some laptops have for extra accessories such as a docking station like stuff

rolleyes.gif ok it is 1:45 here so i should get to sleep i think i got all my idea out, but i might have missed a few. rolleyes.gif
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