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> Bluetooth Watch.
post Jun 23 2006, 01:01 PM
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if it can use palmorb then i am intrested, bluetooth would be a killer app for this thing as then i could hook it into my sysetm and see if i can make my Z pull the phone number from the phone and disploy on the watch then route the audio to my bluetooth headset smile.gif, all we need is a serial port i guess wink.gif

now where can i ind one of these in Australia?

Hmmm. . . Dismantled mine today, just to prod, and discovered something. The IRDA chip (2mmx10mmx2mm) has 8 pins on the back, and a larger pin holding it down. So looks like you could steal a serial port from the IRDA. However, you have a total of 1cmx0.5cmx0.2cm space internally to fit a bluetooth module, although you could hang it of the hole (full of translucent plastic) for the IRDA beam, which is about 2mmx12mm square.


Don't know if that link's any good?

Even just as it is, it's a cool, and useful device. (Just a shame about the 1 to 2 day battery life. Ah hell, who cares, you can charge it from a USB port!)
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post Jul 5 2006, 10:41 AM
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So, shall I put up a proper feature list?

Here we go!

Freescale iMX31L chip. Same as used in the PPZ and DPZ, but without the Graphics Processor.

32MB MDDR266 memory, for low power consumption (Same reason as using the CUT DOWN iMX)

16/32MB NAND Flash (Running however the hemet this runs on the iMX with no DDR eating)

4Mm Bluetooth over USB480 port. (A waste, but what exactly are WE gonna use it for?)

12MbPS USB OTG port.

1 or 2 Mini SD/SDIO sockets externally accessible, used to store rest of OS, and if 2, for User Data.

160x160 Monochrome screen with resistive layer. (Saves on Buttons.) Colour if sourceable.

Internal Battery, charged from USB port.

And the most important point: The vibrator unit.

This is essentially a simultaneously souped up and Cut-down 5000D, running. . . some kind of graphical display on top of the CLI. Because of the USBOTG port, a small keyboard can be attached to this (Perhaps an alternative power input would be better for this reason? Maybe a Nokia compatible charger socket?) for use for basic configuration until the graphical display etc is configured.

Could also put a scroll wheel on this. They're useful.

We now have a Linux powered bluetooth interface for the PocketPenguin, with enough power to run pretty much anything if necessary, and hopefully, through the use of some clever power management, including CPU speed scaling and disabling sockets? As well as the most modern battery we can get hold of. . . We can have at least a day or so's battery out of it. (With 2 days, you've got plenty of time in most circumstances to get it to a power soure. And in this case, if power does die, Everythings on the Mini-SD carrd anyway.

So what can this be used for?

It's a watch. You can tell the time. And because it's linux, it's alot easier to program that palmOS 4 is, if you want a new watchface.

It'll run all the usual PIM apps, which could be modified easily to support the small screen.

It's an alert. The vibrator will activate when you get a call, and the backlight could also be set to flash. If the PPZ is on silent or a few feet away, say docked, then this will allow you to answer the call remotely.

It's a caller ID. It knows to the same degree of accuracy as the PPZ, who'se calling you. You can then, using the touchscreen, Accept the Call, routing it to either Loudspeaker mode on the PPZ, or to a bluetooth headset. Reject the call, cutting them off, or store a message using a form of Local Voicemail, saving the message to an MP3 or whatever you choose, on the PPZ itself. You could even (If intrepid) have a drop down selector for different answerhphone messages to apply. So you can choose whether they hear "Hey, this is Ferret, Not around, message me baby!" or "Hi, You've reached Failing Software. There is currently no-one available to take your call." Or whatever.

It's a media controller. You're listening to your music over the 5.1 Surround output from the PPZ, and you're on the sofa. You wanna change the track. Do you get up? Nah. Just tap the controls on your WPZ (WristPenguinZero - And yes, I'm going to adopt this format for ALL the devices.) to change the track. Or, use it to fetch a list of all the tracks in your playlist and choose one by title, or to select a different playlist from all those stored on your PPZ.

Depending on how well it's compressed, use it as a video screen and feed video data from your PPZ to your WPZ, and the accompanying audio to bluetooth headphones. On this note, the iMX31L has the same CMOS interface as it's big brother, so perhaps a more practical use of this feature would be as a video equivalent of the bluetooth headphones, and stream a VideoConferenceCall back and forth to your wrist, sending the data out from the 3G connection or the Wifi Connection in the PPZ.

This is all feasible, practical stuff, Which I could sure as hell do with. Even a black and White conference call at 160x160 is better than missing the call because your PPZ is in your pocket. . ..

In fact, why the streiburg has no-one done this before?

I'll get looking for parts. . . I take it we're going for a CarbonFibre case again?

I personally feel (As an already regular user of this kind of technology) that this is a much better (Not to mention cheaper) companion to the PPZ than the DPZ.

If Fossil can still make a profit on this then the screen panel can't be an expensive part. . . I've got the numbers from the back of it, maybe I can find a supplier?
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