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> Bluetooth Watch.
post Jun 23 2006, 01:01 PM
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if it can use palmorb then i am intrested, bluetooth would be a killer app for this thing as then i could hook it into my sysetm and see if i can make my Z pull the phone number from the phone and disploy on the watch then route the audio to my bluetooth headset smile.gif, all we need is a serial port i guess wink.gif

now where can i ind one of these in Australia?

Hmmm. . . Dismantled mine today, just to prod, and discovered something. The IRDA chip (2mmx10mmx2mm) has 8 pins on the back, and a larger pin holding it down. So looks like you could steal a serial port from the IRDA. However, you have a total of 1cmx0.5cmx0.2cm space internally to fit a bluetooth module, although you could hang it of the hole (full of translucent plastic) for the IRDA beam, which is about 2mmx12mm square.


Don't know if that link's any good?

Even just as it is, it's a cool, and useful device. (Just a shame about the 1 to 2 day battery life. Ah hell, who cares, you can charge it from a USB port!)
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post Jul 28 2006, 03:12 AM
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APU is not really correct because most dont do any audio processing, thats why we refer to the as CODECs as they COde and DECode from digital to analg and analog to digital

to an extent the RPU is doing the same thing except we are putting the high level stuff on it aswell to make it look like a modem (MOdulator DEModulator, same sort of thing)

yeah those all in one chips are nice, hadent thoght about thet but it does make sense. but do we need miniSD on the thing i fail to see why its useful as i see this more as a thin client type of thing where the heavy lifting is done by the PPC but it is still capable of operating independently (as most thin clients can now days with intergrated web browsers)

i know a trick or two for getting more than that over bluetooth (we will be using EDR dont forget) you dont update the entire screen. nice and easy, hell put an X Server on the device and have the X client on the PP connect to it. that would save on bandwidth

i just worked out you ment for video calls, in that case remeber that most are 10 fps anyway (approx) and we may be able to decode on the watch if we need to

the turn off the screen thing is somthing i have seen in new watches, when you tilt it at a certin angle it turns on the backlight, we can do the same but with the screen as well and make it that a button push turns the screen on

cant we just chuck the camera on SPI and forget about a dedicated camera interface also the SD can go on ethier on its own SPI interface or share the SPI interface (SPI can do that) i am not sure about the nand, i assume that means it would be a glueless interface, if it does then we would want it but depending on the chip we might be able to easily work around it

basically we only need SPI and perhaps a nand interface, we dont need keypad scanning circitry as we dont have that many buttons (we can just use the IO pins)

if you pull apart the watch can you tell me haw many mili amps the battery is and how long it lasts between charges
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