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> Software, Software that we need in the end
post Jul 27 2006, 08:33 PM
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Startting this up so we can have a list of software that needs to be developed (user space)

Mobile phone control: A dialer applicatoin that can do notification, perhaps bassed off d-bus
Address book: so we can cross refrence and call people from the adress book
SMS handler: there are many exsisting apps that do dilivery via the unix mail system, perhaps utilize that
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post Mar 19 2007, 05:20 AM
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came up with a solution to sms and perhaps mms at the least

keep using the email system however have a deamon (user sms) that watches its mail box using inotify, when it recives a message from you (mail sms) it fowards the body contents onto the recipent or recipents in the subject line

when the sms program recives a sms it sends a message with the subject [sms] <number> for mms then the extra files can be added as attachments

makes it easy to filter to a mail box, only problem is if you have a footer for your mail or gpg sign it, however perhaps you can find a way to disable it on a per email basis (or for local accounts) or build the ability to strip that into the sms client (not nice but it works smile.gif)

i belive it solves the problem very nicly, ok its not the best solution but it will wrok with all email clients that exsist, means you have to do the copy and paste by hand however some advantages is you can make the sms client do number lookup against say abook for example or ldap, so you get a message with the subject [SMS} +6120432234234 (Sue bing)

works nicly with the deamen because the reply adress would be the demon on the local machine (always nice)however even if your client adds RE: to the front its trivial for the sms program to work out which number to send the message to

a wierd side effect is if you have a server with a phon attached and running software like this then you could send a message to the machine to the sms account (eg for my domain sms a)pocketnix.org (dosent work)) and have that message sent via sms, be great if you had a server in your home country whie you are away, instant sms portal

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