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> Make A Ranking ?!, Hardware Ranking; what is important ?
post Aug 12 2006, 06:32 AM
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Hi all,

just read a bit here and there and noticed, that many people have quite different opinion what a "good" PDA should include. As far as we come to software this is not critical as everyone can change it later over and over again.

As far as the hardware is discussed there should be a ranking to meet the opinion of most people out there.

E.g. I totally need no finger-print reader. IMHO, these devices are useless and it was demonstrated that this devices can be easily entrapped (more easily then a good password). Hence, they give a totally wrong feeling of security.

On the other side, battery-life-time is more important to me than everything else.
What do all these bells and whistles mean if you can only run them for 1.5 hours without recharging? I like to see a device with a more then full working day (10-14 hours) continuous runtime, which should end up in charging the device every third week or every month for normal usage vs. power off periods.

Thus, for sure a web-cam will be fine, but if it will eat up 10 % of my battery life time, I really can live without it.

For me the most critical point to create the perfect PDA would be therefore, the development of the best power-management available on the PDA-market.

Furthermore, try to keep everything as flexible as possible. Instead to integrate a web-cam at the top of the display (as some sonys-laptops did), it might be a good idea to create a hidden USB port there. There are hundereds of very tiny cams on the market already, just stick one at the top of the display if you need one. This will gurantee, that later developements (e.g. more pixels, more fps etc.) can be easily upgraded by everyone. On the other hand, there might be some smart users, which find other devices on the market to be usefull.
In addtion, this will reduce the price to a affordable barebone set-up with a lot of individual add ons.

Just my two cents

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post Aug 13 2006, 03:44 AM
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i guess i am starting to get really jadded with this prooject now as every week someone comes along and suggests the same things or the same reasons.

oh well

[standard response]
If you dont want it then tell the PCB board manufacturer to not solder the part in

everything can be turned off independentlly however i cant stop you from leaving the wifi and bluetooth on while disabling CPU freq changing

upgaradability is a no go, it sounds like a really good idea, and i mean a reallly really really good idea but it is imposible to do that and make the thing small. it will have flexability in that you can chose what you dont want. if you want to add anything the you use the USB ports

what goes in it is supposed to be a minimum to satisfy a large percentage of people. of coaruse as you have stated what people want differs between people

keep in mind that the most expensive parts are the screen the keyboard anh the pcb as well as casing.
[/standard response]

the finger print reader is somthing i knew would be a point of conntention, for me there is no such thing as three factor authentication using somthing you knwo somthing you have and somthing you are as i belvie that somthing you have and somthing you are are in fact the same thing.

the fingerprint reader is best used as a replacment of the user name, ethier you type your user name or swipe your fingerprint then type your password. the other use i see it for is to prove that you are at the terminal, ie if you have the ability to sudo to root then it is a simple check that you are actually in front of the computer, it is easy to defeat but it assumes you have logged in, which means that you have alreaddy authenticated to the computer, you are just proving that you are actually sitting in front of it and not looged in from the other side fo the world

10-14 hors will never happen with this device, the ram alone uses too much power when active to allow for that. however with a smart power policy and programs to enforce it (turning off ram manks and changing the cpu freq, turining off hardware) then it should be posible to get 5 or more haurs for non intensive tasks (mp3 playback)

normal usage should allow for 4 hours, heavy should be 3 hours light shourd be 5 plus. all PDAs have this problem it all depends on your usage patterns. i could use a 4mhz 8 bit chip and have it running for 1 month at 100% cpu usage (ie heavy usage) but i dont think that is what you want
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