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> Internal Storage Discussion, Getting too close to flamewar.
post Aug 24 2006, 09:41 AM
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Right, this arguments getting a bit hot. Ultimately, it's DB's decision. . But I'd like a separate reasonable discussion on this so we can concentrate on other hardware in "hardware" rather than bringing this up over and over again.

At current standing, the CF card is an INTERNAL HARD DISK. It would run on an ATA66 bus, which means you could not unplug it with a battery in the device without risking harm to either. You cannot use it to connect Wifi, Bluetooth, or any other "IO hardware"!!!!! You cannot use it to download files off of your Digital Camera or MP3 player's etc CF card.

I think it's still a good idea. It allows for the easy upgrade of storage media, using Compact Flash Type ONE or TWO Flash disks or Microdrives. Advantages of a Microdrive over embedded flash or SD card? Faster, longer lasting, and soon to be available in 20GB card sizes. That's a large hard drive for a PDA, which means you can install the entirety of Arm-Slackware a large number of times. Because a MicroDrive doesn't burn out easily, the correct linux kernel could operate the device using a good Journaling Filesystem such as my personal favourite, ReiserFS.

An internal Flash or Microdrive card can be replaced at any time in case of wearing out or accidental damage (Microdrives can be harmed by falling like a normal hard disk - Using our accelerometer to park the heads could reduce this risk though.) Internal Flash replacement would need a BGA rework station to repair.

Ok, so SD cards are smaller, but in terms of data storage: 4GB versus 20GB CF is clearly the winner, and you can't get SD microdrives.
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post Sep 2 2006, 04:53 PM
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i dont know where you keep getting that idea from, a fold out keyboard dosent automatically mean no slate mode

in fact beirag able to use slate mode in the full sized keyboard mode is an advantage because the screen can be folded againtst the battery area then folded up so that all you see is a keyboard and screen

if you get a chance look up the targus PDA keyboard, they are nice (unfortunattly they are a bit tempremental and hence why i dont use mine as offten)
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