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> Alternatives
post Sep 21 2006, 05:04 AM
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intresting things have been happening latley with freescale, in 30 days (i i remeber correctly) they get sold to new owners, what this means i dont really know as i havent looked at the proposed plans if any are even avalible

anyway there was a new product on the market that was simmilar to what i had in mind in terms of casing, its a pxa270 chip (xscale) but it has wifi, bluetooth, keyboard and more.

some notable features (read must have) are:
128MB of ram
8 hour batter life
20GB drive
USB host (most likly full speed)

remeber i am mainly designing this as a portable office and have recently been eyeing the flybook and lifebook after seeing them in person however this device seems to fill 90% of what i was planning to chuck in there, the only things missing seem to be video out and a video card

anyway links:
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post Sep 24 2006, 09:28 PM
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Joined: 7-April 05
From: Sydney, Australia
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thoght that this is the best place to post this

at the moment the futre of this project is uncertin, i am currently working full time and trying to teach myself xen for a side project that has alot of potential while at the same time battling my OS (its a combination of things but involves fedora core 5, / on lvm on sw raid, nvidia kernel modules)

what is done:
feature set wise its basically locked, i know what can go in as a minimum but what i dont know is what is the maximum i can cram in
chipsets: i know most of them, next is to check if i can get them (just one email) basically i need an audio chip and perhaps a lcd screen interface chip

i may take 2 weeks off in a week or two, at the very least i will have more time to spend on the project so if you see me online at all i recomend that you send me a message telling me to look for chips and work on the project more.

once i have finalised the parts i have to read the manuals and work out which misc chips i need, once that is done then i should have the plans for the prototype done reletivly quickly

i am considering spreading the word about the project a bit more as i would like to spend more time on this project and less working, so does anyone know of a company who may be willing to sponser a project like this?
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