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> Cf Card, Changing the type II for I
post Apr 9 2007, 07:52 AM
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Hi people: Im working with my collie with a 500Mb card type II. Now for a mistake I received a card type I with 1 GB. Any problem to read the data and transfer it for ancient to new card?.
Thanks for any help
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post May 19 2007, 09:07 PM
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[QUOTE=baptista] As you can see I'll try by myself to connect via modem card.....I beg your pardon, still don't know how to set the modem. [/QUOTE=baptista]

Hmmm. Didn't you say that you have used the modem before with this ROM? It sounds like it didn't like your password. Did you use the Internet Wizard GUI to set it up? Are you sure you have your login ID and password correct?

I sometimes have this kind of Authentication problem when not enough time is allowed, but I don't see any timeouts. Also, sometimes there is a problem at the ISP end, or once they didn't get my payment. Did you pay your bill on time? wink.gif

[QUOTE=baptista] But it is interesting to know that I don't sync the mails wit windows box. [/QUOTE=baptista]

Please explain. I don't understand what you're trying to tell me about syncing.

Oh, no problem with the spaces. Your pasting was fine, except you left out the final bash$ afterwards. I like to see that too, so I'm sure I've got all the output. wink.gif

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