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> Freedom Plan, We must be quick! Act NOW!
post May 5 2007, 12:48 AM
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...and of course, JFK was shot by secret service member/driver William Greer because he planned to end the Federal Reserve and he intended to disclose all that was known by the US gov on the ET phenomenon.

Here's an extract from my latest myspace blog (May 1st)

Do you know who the Jesuits aka The Society of Jesus are? If not you may be interested to learn of a man named Peter Hans Kolvenbach (aka The Black Pope) who is the current Superior General of the Jesuit Order and the most powerful man in the world right now. It is he who controls the Vatican, its bank (the biggest bank), the Catholic church, the Illuminati/Knights of Malta and much, much more. The Whitehouse pays rent to the Vatican, the Vatican control the mafia. Would you like to know who it really was behind the world wars, 9/11 and most of the other great atrocities our world has endured over the last 2000+ years?

Vatican Assassins - presented by Eric Jon Phelps

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post May 5 2007, 04:41 AM
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QUOTE(Fushnchupsh @ Apr 18 2007, 05:05 PM)
Oh, and the homeland security dept.  Well, it destroyed the system of checks and balances.
Will the American people ever learn? Will the World ever learn? Bush's War Of Terror is a re-run of the McCarthy "war on innocent American people" of the 1940's and 1950's.
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post May 5 2007, 04:49 AM
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QUOTE(Fushnchupsh @ Apr 18 2007, 05:05 PM)
Oh, and the homeland security dept.  Well, it destroyed the system of checks and balances.
Will the American people ever learn? Will the World ever learn? Bush's War Of Terror is a re-run of the McCarthy "war on innocent American people" of the 1940's and 1950's.
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post May 6 2007, 05:20 PM
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I agree completely
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post May 11 2007, 05:44 AM
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let me say first up im not taking anyones side more aligning with the information... if that information takes the form or medium of a person then i may pay attention.

and ive also heard alot from alot of "critical thinkers" and am fairly well and "widely' educated though young...

QUOTE(Cresho @ Apr 16 2007, 02:54 AM)
QUOTE(danboid @ Apr 12 2007, 12:48 AM)

Support 9/11? You're supporting lies, death, destruction, bullying and the NWO

It' interesting you mention this but alot of people are aware of this.

anyway, if you been reading up on other stuff, the combined reading i have done leads to a big war that will destroy 40% of the population. .

heard this one too, massive nuclear warfare, enough to take out the northern hemisphere and reduce the population by atleast 50%, thats why america has been chartering two orion transporter flights per week to the centre of the australian outback for along time (aka, not so secret underground base)

QUOTE(brashley46 @ Apr 18 2007, 02:55 PM)
desertrat said, with regard to East Timor,
No oil. Next. (Sorry smile.gif

That turns out not to be the case. East timor has oil rights in the ocean between themselves and Australia which the Aussie government wishes to secure.

a very close to home issue for australia... as we are one of the closest western nations to asia, as for the oil rights well a large amount of them are being pumped by american companies like caltex...

QUOTE(danboid @ May 5 2007, 07:48 PM)
Do you know who the Jesuits

not really but ive heard that they put the vowels in our "alphabet" to take the "power" out of our tones/voices and communication

i think sure oil has had some uses, but we could have survived without it and it looks like we may have too...

if youve been watching the TV you may have heard of something called the Gulf Stream, the seas dont have to rise 40m to make bad for us, if this ocean current stops, britian gets canadas climate and alot of the rainforests being to dies off in south america. before long there aint much left... its happened before, scientist are finding proof in the ice cores they are drilling that it has stopped before. now its slowing down as more and moer fresh water is being released do dilute its salty waters.

as for "other peoples oil" there are better power sources, both invernted, hidden and yet to be discovered, but oil can play as a huge power chip, that can seem like such an important thing to fight for, as well as religion and political regimes of developing nations who know even less about these new technologies and thus feel the need for it more....

killing isnt nice, big full stop, i dont like , my grandfather did it for "his" country, his father did it for "his country" and those that came before them. yet today people kill animals and people like its ok, as if there's no other way, and "this is how we survive and got this far"... Bull, ive read discernable evidence that shows we have "canine teeth" not from eating meat, and didnt startout doing it.

how much inffluence does anyone one individual really have or could have in what is and will probably play itself out... no less then the recreaton of the final chapters of the bible... reality tv, eat your heart out...

but we can sit and throw supposed facts and reports and links at each other all night and all day, sure we might learn something, might even get a little worked up ...

we do apparently live in a democracy and good things have come in the past from that and could again,

hell maybe im being negative and a pessimist, trying to talk people put of becoming proactive... but how the hell are we going to sort out this population expansion, screw up and kill nature process...

the solutions are allready there, the moajority of whats going on is for fun and not necessary, totall wank off in the park for the kids... we could fix or stop it all tommorow, all of a sudden all oil shifts dimensions and theres none here when we wake up tommorow... big problem solved,

mothers earth/nature is the real boss here and it doent mater so much how slick and well coloured captain planets hair, if wheeler want the hot-babe wannabe blonde russian, then gia will accept that, and understands that he (and she) are in the process of working something, playing for survival...

but i like trees and im sure wheeler could learn to appreciate them more if he gave up on trying to crack on the babes all the time, maybe even let go of his old leather bomber jacket for some groovy hemp threads wink.gif

but what are we here for ? where is this (not all of that up there) going ... (well some of that)

why dont you want the micro chip ?? if youd never do anything wrong, right ... wouldnt you ???

what is wrong what is right, well it doesnt seem that big of an issue, we have legal systems and laws that have over time "worked" all this out.

am i immorally wrong and condemmed (even partially) for spending too much time on my Z and not getting enough of the suns vital life giving energy ???

surely something so important to a plants growth cycle and ours should be of vital significance and hiding away from it shouldnt be allowed.... well it didnt used to be, it was regarded as heretic and you could even have been burned at the stake for it ... the aztecs woshipped it, it is us, everything about us, where we came from where we are going, its all tied and worked in together.

can you have more impact or inffluence from not doing than doing ??? can you really not do ??? not really...

id say alot of here as i dont really perscribe to the status quo, how many of you own an SUV ?? thats why we are here and not fighting for our country in iraq, what you say, thats not the highest most important thing you could do for you people but to be at the cutting edge of the defense to protect your loved ones from death, pain or torture ???

You think you can do better by spending all day drinking your mallakka-late outside in the free wifi utilising a japanese creation ?? the very people that did... and we .... not going to bring that up....

but you say im using it against the evil information processing devices, the ones that work inneficienty with secret source code and loose back-doors heheh , surely that must be important, to make more effective information systems for this worlds developing information needs. we must stop the work force from becoming a slave to bill gates satanic right hand, thats what doom was all about right.... oh that was a carmackian thing relating to previous/current/future civilisations on mars and things to do with defecting german scientists who took over the world because they could get enough FPS out of their lab rats ...oooh , if only they were running linux , we could all get a piece of the proverbial pie, so long as they follow the GNU guidelines...

apparently they didnt allow the sale of the ps1 in irag/middle east because it was powerfull enough to potentially be strapped to a rocket making it an ICBM ...

where's the: chinese_firecracker_to_ICBM_converter-6.6.6-arm5vtel.ipk

its not there, an i doubt theres any one working on it, why, probably because those that want it or could afford to use it allready have shite loads of rpg's and stingers leftover from the last invasion aka russia. sure thats not an ICBM or a scud in your pocket but along way from a phreaky breakfast toy that gives you free phone calls

maybe sometimes people in power lfee comforted with the idea of the masses fighting amongst themselves, hey it keeps them busy from coming over and "hassling" me... give them some sticks and perhaps itll stop them fighting with rocks

i sometimes feel like ive fallen into some kind of japanese business man's organizational fetish/ploy to distract me from developing a mech-warrior just like theirs, or something better for the planet in my personal case, or maybe spending the next 3 months digging a backyard nuclear proof bunker... and as a bonus becoming a bulked up spunky respectable MAN, rather than what my mum calls a sick,thin, pale looking excuse of a child/member of society blink.gif

geez, i sometime imagine this wise old grey mustached chinese spirit, sitting back thinking, if only i had gone for a walk that day and not continue to smash rocks together when i was 15... but thats a rather reductionalistic view on the whole event as many traditional tribal plant people will say that the plants told them how to be used, rather than the other way around...

im not racist, i try my hardest not to be these days... my family are self labelled as such... perhaps the australian equivelant to redneck what ever that is....

oh no i just screwed up, i just crossed my family, im doomed for life because i dv w/ my mum when i was young and should be put to death ... but what about jesus, and the new testament, screw that once a missfit always a misfit i hear them say... no not really, i didnt hear a voice ... i was thinking it as part of a thought model experiment into Intra-Cellular Commmunication AI , totally in control...

nope, were all in this together, one or none, peace or none, love or none, food or none, shelter or none, sun or the lcd backlighting your lcd which is full of murcury gas... i think well get there ... you live and you learn they say, well id have to add that i very much doubt that the learning ends at death and for alot of people and the way they have been living their lives, thats when it really gets going...

id like to think i can make the most of my chance for beingness/existence in "this time" that i can become open enough to let love light my path, perhaps its all there is, so "hook" me up johnny and lets see how deep the "rabbit" hole goes....
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