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> Cacko Kernel For Sl-5500/5000d
post Apr 14 2004, 04:49 AM
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Cacko Kernel is an updated kernel image for Sharp ROM 3.10/3.13 and compatible ROMs.

This NOT a full ROM update, this is only a kernel. You'll be able to continue to use your existing ROM after you flash this kernel update.

zImage-sl5500-32-30 - default memory layout

zImage-sl5500-64-0 - memory layout for home on SD ROM (Cacko/Crow)
zImage-sl5000D-32-0 - memory layout for home on SD ROM (Cacko/Crow)

Important information regarding 64-0 and 32-0 kernels!

Such kernels are only intended to be used on top of existing 64-0( or 32-0) Cacko/Crow ROM!!! I will not work if you flash it on top of 32-30 (default) ROM.

Also, it's not garantied to be compatible with TKC home on SD ROM, since it uses a different approach to implement it. However a 32-30 kernel may work.

If you want to use 64-0 (32-0) configuration. you must flash one of the Cacko/Crow ROMs first, depending on your zaurus model (5500 or 5000D):


Read more info on Cacko/Crow ROM here:


Also note, that if you perform a ROM update (not just kernel), I cannot garantee that you backups can be safely restored. They may or may not work, depending on what changes were made to your ROM. You can try and see if they do.

You сan safely use backups if you only flashed the kernel.


The kernel includes several improvments over the stock ROM.

Version 1.0:

- APM patch from OpenZaurus kernel (adopted for 2.4.18 kernel version by Albert Rybalkin).
This patch implements accurate batery power reading, which allows to display actual percentage
of remaining battery power instead of Good, Low, etc levels.

- Compiled with CONFIG_FS_SYNC flag turned off. The CONFIG_FS_SYNC flag is a modification added by Sharp
to force media (i.e., CF & SD cards) to be mounted sync, even if you specify "mount -o async ...".
With this flag turned off, you can get true async io on your SD and CF cards, greatly speeding up file writes

- Wireless Extentions enabled, orinoco/sectrum drivers updated to version 0.13e with monitoring patch applied.
This should enable Wellenreiter to run properly.

- Kernel is compiled with smaller console fonts, so that more information fits into the display.

- Applied patch, which fixes problem with serial CF cards staying suspended upon resume

- Included patch for IRDA problem with some Ericson mobile phones.

Issue the following commands after reboot to adjust IRDA settings for ericsson phones:

echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/irda/max_tx_window

echo 1000 > /proc/sys/net/irda/min_tx_turn_time

- Boot logo updated


Kernel Update instructions:

1. Make a backup of your data using Backup/Restore application.
Note: Although this update only replaces your Zaurus Linux kernel and does not change any other files,
you'll need to perform a hard reset after flashing to activate it the new kernel,

2. Download and copy zImage file to your CF card and perform a usual update procedure.
Make sure to press reset button after update is complete.
Note: Kernel is a small file so update will only take a few seconds.

3. Boot your Zaurus and restore your data from the backup.

To be able to restore your backup, rename your backup file, so that it ends with "unknown". For example:


...should become:


After that the Backup/Restore app should recognize this backup.

4. To get actual battery percentage displayed in Qtopia, you need an updated version of Battery Applet,
which is available for download: http://my-zaurus.nadrod.ru/opie.html


For SL-5500:


For SL-500D:

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post Oct 31 2004, 06:11 PM
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One solution to the annoying blink problem is to reboot your Z, it will start with the LED steady. smile.gif It's not so complex. Maybe you guys can have a try. If I have time, I may look at the battery part driver for solution.
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