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> Video playback on the 6000, Kino 2, etc.
post Apr 9 2004, 01:07 PM
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I am a recent purchaser of the SL-6000. Very cool product. However, I am trying to run video on it in wmv, avi, or mov format and the player installed on it appears to run ony mpeg-1.

Does anyone know of a player that will play these files? I tried kino but it does not function on the 6000.

Any help would be appreciated smile.gif
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post Nov 1 2004, 08:08 PM
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Hello folks,

thanks to few pointers I got from another SL-6000L owner, I was finally able to get Kino2 to work.

This is what to do:

- First, you have to install version 0.22. The newest version available, 0.3, has mplayer that comes with it apparently compiled specifically for the SL-Cxxx series and it doesn't work with the SL-6000L (don't ask me why, I'm still too new to the world of Zaurus....)
- Once installed, launch it without loading a movie
- Go to File/Preferences/Core and check "Direct Access to Frame Buffer"
- Go to File/Preferences/Video and check "Enable Doublebuffering"
- Go to File/Preferences/Audio and check "ffmpeg"
- All the other checkboxes in the three Preferences tabs should be unchecked. I found that especially "Enable Overlay" messes up with the player and prevent it from working.

Kino2 so configured should play almost anything you throw at it. I have played succesfully MPEG1, MPEG2 and Divx encoded movies (320x240, 300kpbs, 25fps).
Depending on the frame rate you are using you may have to check also "Drop Frames" in Preferences/Core.

With the above configuration Kino2 will play in portrait mode in a landscape video window of 320x240, which is quite small considering the potential of the SL-6000L screen.
As of today I have not yet been able to get it to play in full landscape and in QVGA mode, although the checkboxes in Preferences/Video/Fullscreen are supposed to allow to do just that and it is possible to do so with Kino2 installed on the SL-Cxxx series.

A possible cause is that Kino2, being just the GUI for the underlying mplayer, is for some reason unable to pass the commands to mplayer. In Preferences/Core the "Advanced mplayer options" box should allow to give addtional commans to mplayer. I'll try to experiment with that, but first I got to learn the mplayer command set

If anybody else has been able to get Kino2 to work in fullscreen landscape and 320x240 QVGA mode (just like you can do with the original Media Player with "Display with magnified screen" checked), I'll gladly accept suggestions!!!!!!

Happy Tweaking.
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