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> Debian with Xqt, Running Debian(complete) & Qtopia
post Oct 29 2004, 04:40 PM
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I am running at the moment in my Z6000 with the standard ROM from Sharp and using packages from Xqt, the whole distribution from Debian under the X's of xqt.

Everything is very simple and anyone with a big card or microdrive (no smaller than 500Kb) and able to run Xqt can do it.

I will send some screen shots of different X-applications like Firefox, Konqueror, Kile, Kmail...etc.

Everything is based on Klaus's 'pocketworkstation', but using Xqt instead of Xvnc.

Just small drawbacks as some keys that don't work (three at the moment).

Qtopia running at the same time, everything from the standar software and other packages installed, continue to work nicely, so one can choose the best of both possibilities.

The only price to pay is around 4 Mb. of RAM but I find it extremely cheap for having this wonderful capability.

I have tested it for three days with no problems at all. I am NOT an expert and have modified just a couple of lines of standard scripts.

You can contact me at smuelas@telefonica.net

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post Nov 4 2004, 02:23 AM
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Hi rehorrericha,

I will input more information a.s.a.p. in the web page. Anyway, I will tell you what I do now.
First of all I create a file, once in Debian, in directory /root with the name .bashrc. If the file exist already, I edit it and include the lines below:

export DISPLAY=0:0
xmodmap .xmodmaorc &

I stablish a link between /root and /home/root doing:

ln -s /root /home/root

I copy a file with the name: .xmodmaprc to /root.
This file contains the new codes of the keys to have everything available using the SL.6000's keyboard. I will explain in the web page how is the mapping modified. Also I will include this file in the web page.

Finally, I create a file with a short name, you can choose anyone like ini, begin...etc. and I put it in /usr/bin/
In this file I write a couple of lines for begining the Xssesion:

cd /home/root
export DISPLAY=0:0
/usr/bin/icewm &
nautilus (As I have included Nautilus but it is just a personal choice)

I made this file executable: chmod +x ......

When I launch Xstart and in the console that appears, once having done chroot (or included it in a script) symply I write the name of this last file and everything begins.
Then I launch the bash shell, as I use quite a lot of alias and other things and to have the keyboard working in the right way: "bash"

About your question related with /etc/resolv.conf you must write a line like this one:


but instead of theese numbers, the IP direction of your DNS.
If you have more than one DNS you can write as many lines as the one above, each with the IP direction of a new DNS.

As you don't lose Qtopia, you can launch the Wi-fi in the usual way, but the old file in Qtopia /etc/resolv.conf is now unreachable, so you have to create a new one in the new root.

From time to time take a look at the space available in your card with "df". Debian is big and also some of its pacackages.

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