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> Info: Charging and Ghosting, Trials of the C860
post Nov 12 2004, 10:22 PM
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Hi All,

I've had a hectic week with my Z and I thought I'd post what happened and how I fixed it. A lot of info I got from this group so it really is a good repositry of information.

Anyway, for some reason my 'Digicom Universal Charger' 5V 1.0Amp decided to quit it and didn't charge my Z. I didn't notice till the battery actually went totally flat. After paying $50AUD on my charger I was a bit annoyed that it decided to quit, but apparently the eletronics shop won't replace a charger (Which I guess I can understand). I bought another one, same V same Amp.

Now I accidently reversed the polarity and my Z didn't start charging. After quickly realising my mistake (with heart in my throat and sweaty palms now), I switched the polarity so that the 'Center' is positive and the 'Outside' is negative.

Now my Z charged for maybe 2 minues, then the charge light started flashing on and off slowly. It certainly didn't charge enough to even start. I'm not sure even now if this was caused by the reversed polarity or the fact that it totally flattened.

Anyway, I suppose I should mention that my battery is an EA-BL08, that is supposed to charge to 4.2V apparently. Measuring between + and - with a multimeter showed a voltage of about 2.2V.

Now I can of course boot up fine with 'D+B', logging in as root and issueing a 'reboot' with the power plugged in.

I plugged it into the power and brought up the diagnostic screen with 'D+M'. Went to page 3, EXTRAS, 'Normal Diag Mode' and hit 'Clear Adjust Values', which blanked out 'Tablet' 'COM' and 'PHASE' on the main screen. This did not help (and in fact I think this has nothing to do with the battery charging).

Then went to Page 2, Batt Voltage Adjust, 'Battery Voltage Check'. It showed the following: -
Main Bat AD: 113 (2.2V)

Flash Data: ----

Seemed that the unit didn't know how much to charge the battery to. So I pulled the battery and connected the + terminal from the charger to the + on the battery and the - from the charger to the - on the charger and charged it manually, as per

Aussies HOWTO

When it hit 4.2V, I put it into the Zaurus, did D+M, page 2, Batt Voltage Adjust, 'Battery Voltage Adj' and hit 'S' to flash in the current voltage. Now a check shows the following: -
Main Bat AD:  208 (2.6V)

Flash Data:  213
  delta:  +439

ADJUST AD:  208->  647
                :  (4.1V)

And everything works fine. Phew.

However the 'Clear Adjust Values' step came back to haunt me when I booted into pdaXrom. I had a major ghosting effect, mainly seen down near the task bar. Also I had screen flicker. And now this is important, and probably also why some Z users see screen flicker in pdaXrom and others don't.

Went to D+M. Of course 'Tablet', 'COM' and 'Phase' are still '---'. So I went into Page 1, 'COM ADJ Setting', and set it to '114' which resulted in the image not flickering at all!. Then went into Page 1 'LCD Phase setting', and set it to '8' so I didn't have ghosting. No idea how I set 'Tablet', probably 'Touch Pane (VGA)', and its now currently 0.

Booted back into pdaXrom, and voila, no ghosting, no flickering.

My story. Hope it helps anyone in a similar situation.

I can't remember all the links to the posts that helped me, but I googled using both the terms 'Zaurus not charging' and 'Zaurus won't charge'.

- Bundabrg
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post Jun 30 2006, 12:12 AM
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Hah, I've dug up this topic again because my Z kept charging half way and shutting down, and I was going WTF. Also, under Opie/GPE, the charge light would come on for a while, then it would turn off, when the battry wasn't even halfway charged. WTF again ;-)

I suddenly realised (as per beta4 instructions pdaXrom that I had tried before) that I had performed a Full NAND Flash erase as one of the steps.
This effectively wipes your battery settings. I believe reflashing a new NAND doesn't restore this.

Anyway, I suspect most of the time you will have empty settings iff (if and only if) you've done an erase. So I suspect this may be a topic visited often ;-)

- Bundabrg
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