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> C3000 Issues / Solutions, C3000 Issues / Solutions
post Nov 29 2004, 08:26 AM
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AlertUSB when trying to connect:

When the message is received on the screen, do not click yes or no. Unplug the USB cable from the unit and then select No from the error message. You should then be able to plug the cable back into the unit and sync. If not, repeat.

Syncing issues:

We recommend using the C860 drivers for the C3000. We have had reports of the C3000 drivers causing syncing issues. This unit will work with the English sync software. Please make sure to select the Mode Setting of PC Link Setting in PC Link.

Can't read/write to my storage card when using the device as a USB Hard Drive:

In PC Link, you need to select the storage card under Mode Settings before plugging in the USB Cable. It defaults to Internal HDD.

Phone numbers lost in Address Book:

This is a known issue. We recommend placing the phone numbers in another area until we find a solution. This is not due to the English conversion.

Fonts are too small:

Dynamism units are shipped in a Japanese<->English hybrid mode (a.k.a zh_TW) to allow the translation software to work. This also retains the Kanji input methods. If you are not using the translation software, you can type the following in Konsole to switch to pure English mode:


The unit will reboot. All Japanese input methods (except for the default keyboard) will be removed.

Typing the command again will restore the unit back into the hybrid mode and replace all input methods.

Please note that this only works with Dynamism units (Although it is just a simple script).

I need an NAND backup file:

Please email c700support@dynamism.com if you would like to host a restore file. (16MB or 10.5MB Zipped)

I am trying to install an Opie package but ipkg-new isn't working:

ipkg-new installs in /home/root/usr/local/bin and is not in the path. Due to Sharp's partitioning of the internal hard drive, some paths will need to be added to the .profile or the files linked to /usr/local/bin. Alternately, you can run /home/root/usr/local/bin/ipkg-new isntall <package_name>.

System will not boot past Sharp boot screen:

First solution (Will erase all data):
1) Remove the battery cover and press the reset switch.
2) Replace the battery cover.
3) Hold the OK button and power on the unit.
4) Plug in the unit.
5) Select the third option in the menu.
6) Select the first option in the second menu.
7) Wait (May take longer then 5 minutes).
System will then boot in Japanese. Dynamism customers should email c700support@dynamism.com to obtain further instructions for their units.

Second Solution (Will not erase data, but not for a novice):
Dynamism units are shipped with Telnet enabled. If the unit was last set to Sync in PC Link Setting, you may be able to still connect the unit to your PC and connect. You will need a Telnet application (we recommend Putty). You can telnet to the unit at ip and login as zaurus. You can then use the Telnet session to correct the issue.

NOTE: Please note that only Dynamism customers should use the c700support@dynamism.com email for support issues.

DISCLAIMER: Dynamism only warranty’s units purchased from Dynamism. All other users performing actions, suggested in these forums, performs the actions at their own risk and at no fault of Dynamism.
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post Nov 29 2004, 03:30 PM
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Hi all,

I bought a SL-C3000 few weeks ago, and it seems that my Hard Drive has a problem.
During the boot process, just right above the red SHARP Logo, I get a small message :
"HDD1 Error!!"
Then the Zaurus SL-C3000 hangs, and I get nothing more.

After a small analysis of the Hard Drive, thanks to a special mode of the M+D Boot process (services 3/3 -> Extra Menu -> HDD Diag Menu, page 2/2 -> HDD File Backup), I discovered that my hard drive had lost the partitions.

By using fdisk, I was then able to reconstruct the partitions tables. Some friends gave me images of hda1 hda2 hda3 (and full hdd also) thanks to the "dd" command. I've tried to recover the HD, but I still get a "HDD1 Error!!" message during the boot process.

According to you, what should I try, is it something known ? By using google, it seems that there is not so much people with this message ; and even if I cannot really read japanese, I've not been able to find valuable help on the Net.

Is there an easy way to recover the Hard Drive of a Zaurus SL-C3000 ? Should I recover the NAND too ? ...

Thanks for your help,

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