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28 Dec 2005
OK, I have to admit it, I have sinned.

I have bought a Palm T|X for Christmas (which in itself is not the worst as I don't feed Billy's abomination of a mobile OS), for various reasons. And it's not that I'm a hardcore Windows user, it's more that happen to use that OS since there's isn't much on the market that will support all these LOB applications I have to support for a living.

It's not that I'm lacking a terminal services client, or even applications, or that I want a smart phone. Or that I have problems in Japan with my then-useless phone. My decision was driven by a few points:

- my Z was up for replacement, or at least it's battery is
- my Z has a rather bad uptime, especially with WiFi, although that's probably more a hardware problem (ie ineffecient WLAN chipsets of the time
- even if the kernel is progressing, I still had various problems with the Z not turning off, freezing, or just plain running out of juice during daily usage
- included WiFi
- included Bluetooth
- support of major OSes (which includes, for me, Linux)
- useful webbrowser
- useful handwriting recognition
- size (put a 5500 side-to-side with a T|X, you'll see what I mean)
- synchronization (and no, that Ko* stuff isn't good enough, it's a kludge by another name, at most); it kinda works, but then not completely, and sometimes, the results are unexpected.
- quite a few Linux applications were ported to the Z without rethinking ergonomics
- price of replacement hardware
- handwriting recognition

When counting in some 50 Euros for the battery alone, plus the permanent re-installing, I decided to get that Palm.

As usual, where there is light, there must be shadow:

- no more Wellenreiter. Having this on Palm would make me shelve out 10-20 US-$.
- byebye, free terminal services client. All the ones currently available cost money
- no more phyiscal on-device keyboard. That's probably the price to have a smaller PDA, I guess. Not too much of a problem as I'm fairly fluent at Graffiti, and that's what I didn't like too much about the Z
- no more XMMS

But there's hope. A few enterprising hackers have made Linux run on a Palm LiveDrive, and on a Tungsten T3, so I suspect it's possible to have Linux on a T|X as well. But at least on the PDA sector, it seems I'm lost for Linux this time.
24 Apr 2005
What do you think about this piece of hardware?

To me it looks pretty nice, although I could do away with the keyboard and have a bigger screen instead. Could this be a killer for bigger Zaurii?
13 Jan 2005
I've been fighting to sync with kitchensync on KDE 3.3.1.

Basic assumptions: I can happily ping the Z, ssh into it etc.

The addressbook synchronization works fine.

However, not so with the more important thing - the calendar.

To recapitulate, I have following ks config for the resources:

konnector: A qtopia connector, pointing to my Z attached via USB.

korganizer: a file pointing to /home/mussi/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/default.ics

kaddressbook: a file pointing to /home/mussi/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf

If I add the calendar into the konnector resource list, it suddently multiplies itself (if I add it to the konnector resource, I can reliably close kitchensync and then when I restart it, I have between 3 and 5 extra instances of the kalendar resource appearing in the list of the konnector resoure - and ontop of it, syncing goes into some sort of endless look, only to be broken when I stop ks). However, if there's only the qtopia resource, the address book gets happily synced as it should.

Any ideas? Zync isn't in a workable state yet, and I actually don't dislike the Kontact pim suite, it's just that kitchensync isn't on par with the rest of it.
23 Dec 2004
Maybe sometimes posts and polls are controversial.

I even know what, and that was the original poll's intention in the topic https://www.oesf.org/forums/inde...?showtopic=9556 - and now some nice person (supicion: a mod...) changed it to include a third option which was not planned for. I wanted to get a decision on what *existing* GUI toolset should be kept. Else, I could have started putting in other options like Cacko, Enlightenment etc as well, which wouldn't have helped. Since phpBB doesn't offer the possibility to cast weighted votes, I kept it to two options.

Basically, being mod in another forum, I understand, that sometimes, moderation is needed.

But I usually also post the justification why I did this and that. That's missing here.

I'd like to know who's responsible for this action, and justify his/her actions, either here in public, or by PM.
22 Dec 2004
Seems like somebody more or less squarely hit the nail....if we had to choose between Qtopia and Opie to stay with the Z (we'll leave X11 ROMs like Cacko aside), which should go according to you?

Also read this article for some further clarification. However, I positively don't want a PalmOS layer stacked ontop of Linux just for some nice and fancy apps, and stuff that has an UI I personally ran from two years ago.

Just one thing - the Z should have the original Graffitiset handwriting recognition.
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