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26 May 2005
Zaurus model: 5500
kernel version: 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix
last upgrade date: fresh install

After installing 2.5.3 I was merrily oz-ing along when I decided to shutdown. I did so and reboot proceeded normally through the opie startup...then no opie, just a blank screen.

I docked it and luckily usb networking was up, so I ssh'd over and started opie from a console so I could read the messages. They appeared normal, but no opie.

To make a long story short, I stumbled into the /var directory and it was totally empty.
Plus, tmpfs is mounted over var multiple times.

root@collie:/# df
Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mtdblock4 14464 13624 840 94% /
/dev/mtdblock6 31729 18 30073 0% /media/ram
tmpfs 15080 0 15080 0% /var
/dev/mmcda1 241145 97299 131395 43% /media/card
tmpfs 15080 0 15080 0% /var
tmpfs 15080 0 15080 0% /var
tmpfs 15080 0 15080 0% /var
tmpfs 15080 0 15080 0% /var

Of course the z is unusable. This has happened with multiple installs and two different 5500s.

Note: I just discovered that if I reboot and unmount /var the contents are recovered. So empty filesystems are being mounted over /var??

Note2: This remounting of /var is happening continually. I "fixed" things for now by tarring up /var and recreating it in /media/ram. I then commented out the tmpfs->/var mountpoint in fstab and made /var a symlink to /media/ram/var.

Note3: As expected, the "fix" didn't work smile.gif
8 Feb 2005
I have connected a pc to my stereo with my CDs encoded to mp3. On my debian systems I can issue: ssh -n -f -l root kathix.elkins xmms and control songs, playlists, whatever. However, I'd like to use my Zaurus 5500 as a pseudo-remote via wi-fi. After installing OZ 2.5.2/GPE and issuing the command above I get:

WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-n'
WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-f'
ssh: connection to root@kathix.elkins:22 exited: No auth methods could be used.

I installed OZ with GPE so I'd be able to take advantage of X. I'd appreciate a clue as to how to get this working!

BTW, I've tried VNC and was not impressed. My goal is to have remote xmms running on the Z with minimal overhead.

13 Dec 2003
Help! I'd like to ask a big favor.

I'm struggling with making the shift from procedural languanges to OOP and I'm badly stuck.

I have a small program that displays an input screen. It needs to respond to a button press, then display a new screen. Both screens are defined, as mentioned in another post, I can display one or the other.

I've been trying QWidgetStack, looking at source code from the SDK. etc, as yet w/o success.

Would someone be willing to examine the code and put me on the right path?

It's very trivial, one .h file, one main.cpp and one body .cpp

my email is jeffelkins@earthlink.net


8 Dec 2003
I'm trying to move into c++ for the Zaurus and am at the baby step stages.

I've had some luck with apps that have only one screen and am now trying to develop one that displays two. With the code below, I can display either ScreenOne or ScreenTwo by commenting out one or the other. My goal is to have the button on screen 1 call screen 2 and vice-versa.

My coding background is limited to procedural languages. I'm working with the 'Thinking in C++' books, but this my first exposure to OOP.

Can someone help a newbie?


Jeff Elkins

int main( int argc, char **argv )
QPEApplication a( argc, argv );

ScreenOne w;

w.setCaption("Gather Input");
w.setGeometry( 0, 15, 240, 320 );
a.setMainWidget( &w );
return a.exec();

ScreenTwo z;

z.setCaption("Display Calculations");
z.setGeometry( 0, 15, 240, 320 );
a.setMainWidget( &z );
return a.exec();

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