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26 Apr 2007
I think this has been mentioned a couple of times maybe a year ago, but I don't recall a useful resolution. Briefly, the latter versions of Opie, the 3.5.4 series, rapidly drain the battery in my SL5600. When this was first mentioned, the answer was something along the lines of, well the new distro does a better job of measuring and reporting on the battery, what you have to do is compare actual performance.

I have. OZ3.5.4.x, left to its own devices, will drain my 5600 completely in about two days even if it's not used at all. This is perhaps a third or worse of the battery life I would see under the Sharp rom or earlier alternate roms like the old Hentges distros. At a guess, some expensive process under the newer ROMs doesn't truly suspend but keeps ticking and drawing down battery power.
Has anyone addressed this, and I simply behind the times?
5 Jul 2006
All of the how-tos that I've seen to date for using the altboot utility seem to miss a key point, which is how to install an absolutely minimal normal Zaurus installation to run prior to switching to the altboot.

Say, for example, you want to run OZ 3.5.4 on a SL5600, with the file system run from an SD card. It seems to me that what you'd like to do is flash the Zaurus with some very small image that insludes the kernel and just enough functionality to install altboot, copy the CardFS to the SD card, and set it up.

Or maybe another way of asking this is: once I have a fuctioning CardFS installed on my Zaurus, how much of the original file system can I delete to recover the space?
22 Mar 2006
This isn't just an OZ issue, but out of idle curiosity, what's the deal on the bizarre set of timezones shipped as standard for OZ? The America file includes data for the bright lights of Inuvik, Rainy River, Shiprock and Pangnirtung (meaning no disrespect to their deserving citizens) but not, for example, New York, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Miami ...

On what planet does that make sense?

13 Feb 2006
I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I don't know this, but how do I arrange to completely remove old user data, user installed program remnants, usw., from the memory of an SL5600? I thought I'd try one of Herr Hentges' special distributions, and I want to flash it to a completely "clean", so to speak, Zaurus.

If I try the contortionist Press-And-Hold-C-And-D-While-Pushing-Reset routine <https://www.oesf.org/index.php?title=System#How_do_you_flash_the_Zaurus.3F> I get the blinky lights thing apparently forever, but nothing seems to actually happen to the stored memory. If I select Format from the system update menu (after reset), nothing seems to actually happen. If I flash the appropriate Hentges ROM I get the usual slick install including his Blow_Everything_To_The_SD_Card setup (v. cute by the way), but Some Things Remain Behind. I know because I find programs that I'm fairly sure are not in the Hentges distro (such as Portabase) that I was trying out, and the Contacts database still has my personal contact info, which I'm also fairly sure is not in the Hentges distro.

So how do I make sure all that stuff is erased?
31 Jan 2005
I apologize in advance for having to do this...
I'm trying to get OZ 3.5.2 with the opie interface working on my SL5600. I'm getting this previously unseen problem wherein if I suspend the Z by pressing and holding the On/Off/Cancel key, it refuses to come back. Just stays blank and quiescent. The only way to get going again is to reboot the system with the little reset button on the back.

I presume this has been noted and commented on and maybe even fixed, but I'm having trouble getting the topic search feature here to work properly. I'd appreciate it if someone would point me to any existing discussions.

And if there are none, does anyone know how to fix this?

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