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2 Mar 2005
I'm having a funky problem with zfceu. The image seems not to be centered, the right edge is cut off, and the top of the screen is not refreshing as it should.

The screen shots should make it clear. As far as the metroid shot goes I've also attached a shot of how it should look. Note the little 'TM' next to the title.

Anyone know how to adjust where on the screen the projection goes. I would love for the image to be exactly centered, so there is equal black space on the top and bottom.
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1 Mar 2005
I am looking for a write on screen protector. There is a guy on ebay who sells custom cut display protectors which fit perfectly, but they are extremely difficult to apply with a satisfactory low level of bubbles and tend to darken the screen some. Some quick googleing turned up a lot of plastic flip up screens for sale and many sites selling for the ipaq or other non zaurus pda's. A display protector is for me essential, if it is for you where do you get them? Zaurus specific supplies and accessories seem to get harder and harder to find now that sharp killed the line in the US. Please point me in the right direction.
25 Feb 2005
How can I take a screen shot from the command line, without using the sc applet? What I mean is, I want to take a screen capture of a game running that will cover up the opie environment. So I will need to enter the command via putty while the game is running.
21 Feb 2005
I recently got an IR keyboard that was recommended to me on these forums, as being compatible with my system. I grabbed the irk-belkin from the upgrades feed + all depends, changed input from multikey to belkin on the taskbar.

I think I set everything up correctly, interface irda1 is up, IRK is on and running, the IR port is VERY close to the keyboard, I've tried restarting opie with the keyboard in place, rebooting.

I'm starting to think maybe the keyboard is broken, or maybe my IR interface. I have no way of testing either. People tell me that the collie and this keyboard work fine together but i've done everything short of waving a dead chicken at it and nothing works

If you have been successful please let me know how you do it.
10 Feb 2005
Could someone who knows something about scripts please look at these and tell me what is wrong. If I use the command line to run the binary both snes9x and prboom work fine. But the scripts to select roms and wads don't seem to work.
Here is prboom:
#Set additional files
test -e /root/.prboom/dpad.cfg || touch /root/.prboom/dpad.cfg
test -e /root/.prboom/irkeyboard.cfg || touch /root/.prboom/irkeyboard.cfg
test -e /root/.prboom/servers.list || touch /root/.prboom/servers.list

#Input method
opie-sh -m -t Input -M "Select Input Device" -g -0 "IR Keyboard" -1 D-Pad
      0) INPUT="-config /root/.prboom/irkeyboard.cfg";;
      1) INPUT="-config /root/.prboom/dpad.cfg";;
if [ "$INPUT" = "" ]; then exit; fi

#Choose Game Version
opie-sh -m -t "Game" -M "Choose game" -g -0 Doom -1 DoomII

#Enable Singleplayer/Multiplayer Menu
opie-sh -m -t "Players" -M "Choose gametype" -g -0 Single -1 Multi
      0) NET="";;
      1) SERVER=` opie-sh -i -t "Server" -g -E -l -F \
      /root/.prboom/servers.list `; if [ "$SERVER" = "" ]; then exit; fi; \
      NET="-net $SERVER";;

SDL_QT_INVERT_ROTATION=1 prboom -height 240 -iwad $IWAD $INPUT $NET

and here is snes:
#Path to your Roms if you want to disable the menu

# Give a default
test -e /root/Settings/opie-sh-snes.conf || echo "/mnt/card/games/snes" > /root/Settings/opie-sh-snes.conf

#Enable Menu Rom Finder
LOCATION=` opie-sh -i -t "Path to Roms" -g -E -l -F /root/Settings/opie-sh-snes.conf `

if [ "$LOCATION" = "" ]; then exit; fi
echo $LOCATION > /root/Settings/opie-sh-snes.conf

#Load a game from your list
ROM=` cd $LOCATION ; ls -1 *.zip \
| opie-sh -i -l -t "Snes9x" -F  -g `
if [ "$ROM" = "" ]; then exit; fi

#Enable Sound Button
setsound () {
opie-sh -m -t "Sound" \
-M "Do you want sound?" \
-g -0 Yes -1 No

        0)  SOUND=-sound ;;
        1)  SOUND=-nosound ;;


if [ "$SOUND" = "" ]; then exit; fi


Prboom gets to the dialogue for selecting the input and then stops. Snes goes all the way through to selecting a rom but does not start it. Again running
#prboom -height 240 -iwad doom2.wad

works fine and
#snes9x zelda3.zip

also works. So I am assuming the problem is with the scripts. But that's mostly greek to me.
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