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9 Aug 2004
I have at least one bad sector on my vfat formatted SD card. fsck.vfat finds it but fails to fix it.

What do I need to do to mark the sector bad so it's not used?

(I primarily use the SD card for MP3s and larger (0.05MB to 0.5MB) document files (books), and am willing to use whatever filesystem will maximize space.; if it's easier to make it not vfat, that's a possibility.

While I don't want to make the entire card a cramfs, I'd accept making part a cramfs if it saved a significant amount of space (which seems unlikely, as I'm dealing with already compressed data).)

The SD card is a 512 MB SanDisk
9 Aug 2004
The SD icon/applet is no longer appearing when the SD card is mounted.

I can still access the card at /mnt/card, but the icon just doesn't show up.

I've got a 5600 with one of the special kernels, the version given is 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix-021129.

The SD icon had shown up until recently; the problem may or may not be related to a cross-lining problem on the SD card's filesystem; I had to re-mkfs, using mkfs-vfat (vfat, which is what the filesystem had been before), but the icon had disappeared before I remade the filesystem.

5 May 2004
On my PC, I have a directory tree of mp3 files.

Classical MP3s are in directories named for the composer.

Oddly enough, not all composers are American: one is Georg Friedrich Händel.

I samba mount those directories.

When I attempt to copy the Georg Friedrich Händel directory, bash correctly deals with the umlaut in Händel, rendering it as
Georg Friedrich H204ndel/
on the command line, and as
Georg Friedrich H,ndel
in ssh, or with the "un-drawable character" box in the Qtopia Shell app.

BUT, cp refuses to copy the directory name, and "Advanced" File Manager and XMMS simply don't show the directory at all -- it's as if it doesn't exist.

Perhaps, as an American, I should be gratified at the American-centric world-view this suggests, but in 2004 I'd have expected some token support for high-ascii and i18n character sets.

This is just a terrible, terrible, clueless oversight: hide the directory if it contains unprintable characters?

Is this a linux problem, a Qtopia problem, or a clueless programmer problem?

Is there any work-around?

4 May 2004
The Zaurus date command ignores seconds when setting the time:
date 010203042005.06
should set the date to January 2nd 03:04:06 (am) 2005, but actually sets the time to January 2nd 03:04 (am) 2005

How can I set the seconds? Something in /proc?

3 May 2004
In making a recording, I managed to completely fill up my SD card. This apparently caused a cross-linking of directories on the SD card.

Specifically, the top level directory on the SD card (mounted as /mnt/card) contains directories Documents/ and opt/.

Documents/images/png-sketch recursively "contains" the top level directory, but the file system thinks that png-sketch is a real directory, not a symlimk.

Attempting an rm -rf /mnt/card/Documents/images/png-sketch results in an infinite loop as rm recurses over Documents/images/png-sketch.

Attempting to reformat the card with mkfs.vfat (or mkfs.msdos or mkdosfs) -- nkfs.vfat /dev/mmcda1 errors out with
"mkfs.fat: /dev/mmcda1: contains a mounted file system.", whether or not the sd card is mounted.

How can I fix or reformat the sd card's file system?

Second, what file system will give me the most space for large (mp3) files?

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