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24 Jul 2005
I'm trying to set up a cross-compiler under Redhat for my 6000SL running the original Sharp ROM (updating to OpenZaurus is on my to-do list) with Qtopia 1.5.4, and am getting an error running moc. Can anyone help? Details below.

Using simple programs from http://www.kevinboone.com/myfirstqtopiaapp1.html, I'm apparently missing something or have a wrong version of something.

The simple text based app compiles and runs:
#include <iostream.h>
int main(int argc, char **argv)
 {  cout << "Hello, world!\n";  }

The simple window compiles and runs, but exits with error ("could not open translation file /home/QtPalmtop//i18n/en/libs1.qmid"):
#include <qmainwindow.h>
#include <qpe/qpeapplication.h>

int main(int argc, char** argv)
 QPEApplication app(argc, argv);
 QMainWindow* mainWindow = new QMainWindow();
 mainWindow->setCaption("Hello, world!");
 return app.exec();

When I actually try to use moc, however, it fails. Here's the code:
# more FrmMain.h
#include <qmainwindow.h>
class FrmMain : public QMainWindow
 FrmMain(QWidget* parent=0, const char* name=0, WFlags fl=0);
public slots:
 void  cmdFileQuit();

# more FrmMain.cpp
#include <qpopupmenu.h>
#include <qmenubar.h>
#include "FrmMain.h"
FrmMain::FrmMain(QWidget* parent, const char* name, WFlags fl)
   : QMainWindow(parent, name, fl)
 setCaption("Hello, World!");
 QMenuBar *menubar = this->menuBar();
 QPopupMenu *mnuFile = new QPopupMenu(this, "MenuFile");
 menubar->insertItem("&File", mnuFile);
 mnuFile->insertItem("&Quit", this,
   SLOT(cmdFileQuit()), 0, 1);

void FrmMain::cmdFileQuit()
 {  this->close();  }

# more hello3.cpp
#include <qmainwindow.h>
#include <qpe/qpeapplication.h>
#include "FrmMain.h"

int main(int argc, char** argv)
 QPEApplication app(argc, argv);
 QMainWindow* mainWindow = new FrmMain();
 return app.exec();

Here's the error:
# ls
FrmMain.cpp  FrmMain.h  hello3.cpp
# /opt/Embedix/tools/bin/arm-linux-g++ \
> -I /opt/Qtopia/sharp/include/ \
> -DQWS -fno-rtti -o FrmMain.o -c FrmMain.cpp
# /opt/Embedix/tools/bin/arm-linux-g++ \
> -I /opt/Qtopia/sharp/include/ \
> -DQWS -fno-rtti -o hello3.o -c hello3.cpp
# ls
FrmMain.cpp  FrmMain.h  FrmMain.o  hello3.cpp  hello3.o
# /opt/Qtopia/sharp/bin/moc -o FrmMain_moc.cpp FrmMain.h
/opt/Qtopia/sharp/bin/moc: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I'm not sure how to find what versions of the various compiler/Qt pieces I have (read as: clueless newbie). I tried to follow:

Has anyone seen the above error and know how to fix it? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
27 Jul 2004
I've only had my Zaurus a couple weeks with limited time spent trying to configure it. These are some of the stray questions still bouncing around my Zaurus-newbie mind waiting for time to research them.

1) How do I associate my nifty shell scripts (with some extension?) to run the terminal and then run the script from the files tab? Why can't I get to / on that files tab (I know I don't need it. I want it.)?

2) What format of STRING is date -d looking for?

3) Can I have the linux man pages?

4) What's with the Suspend vs. Reboot vs. Where is Turn Off? Sometimes the power button suspends, sometimes it reboots.

5) Why can't I get nethack working? I seem to have lost the faq I saw but didn't have time to implement.

6) How do I make my terminal (qpe-terminal-vga 1.5.0-3) font larger?

7) What options are available to keep the time accurate?

8) SSH, SFTP daemons? Where was that FAQ? I have the Zaurus File Transfer at work on the Windows 2000 machine, so I can copy files. I have can telnet to my Zaurus at home from my Gentoo box over our network. Neither is perfect. If I want to ssh through the docking station to my zaurus, how do I set that up without interacting with or appearing on the work network? Is there a way to get the Zaurus File Transfer to deal with Unix->Windows carriage returns (as notepad can't and I don't want to change the files unix2dos on the Zaurus)?

9) Ethereal, iptables for 6000? Simple on/off script for iptables? How secure is this zaurus really?

10) Can I change the zaurus user password without "bricking" it? I changed the root password.

11) Can I reprogram the keys on my pocketop keyboard so that / and \ and ESC aren't buried? I sure wish I could turn one of those space bars into 3 separate programmable keys. Where is the backslash and ESC on the embedded keyboard?

12) Can we get some people to donate to Mickeyl (or appropriate coder) so he can buy a 6000 and get OpenZaurus for us so I can play with flashing?

13) Where is that developer's bootdisk (knoppix/debian?) that I saw in passing when I was first searching the boards and failed to mark? Is there a step by step idiot's guide to writing a simple 'hello zaurus' GUI application and creating the ipk using whatever "standards" are desired?

14) How do I change the default screen saver (Zaurus ad) to the fish (1.1.0) I installed?

15) Is there a basic newbie FAQ with these type things in it? Can we have a 6000 section over at Z wiki?

I'm sure some of these have probably been answered on the boards and the how-to's; unfortunately, there are only so many minutes available each day to spend searching for obscure information buried in the mountains of useful, though currently irrelevant, information.

Thank you for reading this far into the post, as well as any time you spend answering these, or pointing to the answers to these!
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