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10 Nov 2005
I've been trying to edit files in /usr/lib/mozilla-minimo for about a week now, and I can't figure out how to make Minimo go into *true* fullscreen mode.

Really all I want to do is get rid of the menubar and status bar when Minimo is in fullscreen.

Has anyone done this?
8 Jun 2005

The time has come for me to move on... This is hard for me, but I think it's for the best. I've decided that my need for a large hard drive and full size keyboard outweigh my love for my Zaurus. Because of this, I am selling my SL-C750 and all of my accessories, to be replaced by a Fujitsu Lifebook or a Sony Picturebook.

In the above picture you can see the following:

* Zaurus SL-C750
* Original AC adapter, plus an additional AC adapter
* Original box with documentation and CD
* Hawking 10/100 CF LAN
* Socket low power CF WiFi (these are getting hard to find these days)
* SimpleTech 512MB CF
* Lexar 1GB SD
* SimpleTech 256MB SD (click here for a closeup of all 3 cards)
* Car mount (keep reading for more on the car mount)

What you can't see:

* EA-BL08K battery and cover (larger battery that the C760 and C860 use)
* Overlay Brilliant screen protector (I'm a perfectionist, I bought 3 of these before I got it applied correctly, it's almost impossible to tell that it's on there when you're using the Z, no bubbles or dust)
* Original battery, cover, and case
* USB cable (forgot to take a picture of it)

The coolest accessory, if you ask me, is the car mount that I put together. It lets you have the Z right at your fingertips while driving. I've been using it as a display for a carputer, and for playing music with XMMS. You can see the entire project here.

I have priced everything if purchased separately, and it comes to well over $700. I am asking $550 for everything. Please either reply to this thread or send me a PM if you are interested.

If nobody is interested, in a few days I will sell everything individually on ebay.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I will flash with any ROM that the buyer wants. If the buyer wants pdaXrom I'm more than willing to provide the various scripts that I use (mplayer, doom, etc.).

Here are some more shots of my Z in action:

I have finished selling my Zaurus and accessories, thanks everyone!
29 Apr 2005
Ok here's the scoop:

A very good friend of mine might be (he's about 99% sure) heading off to work in Japan for a year or two within a month. I have been talking to him about possibly running a small Zaurus importing operation while he is over there. This would be primarily for people in the U.S., but I'm open to the idea of shipping to other countries. I would like to hear feedback from folks here about these questions I have:

1. Is it worth it? Obviously this would have to be financially beneficial to myself, my friend, and the buyer. I was checking some prices of Zaurii in Japan compared to conics.net and dynamism.com, and at least for the C1000 and C860, it seems like it would be worth it. The C3000 still looks very expensive even in Japan.

2. Would people be interested in configuration services? Obviously I would be able to convert them to english, but are people interested in other configuration services? For example, I could flash them to a different rom image (pdaXrom, cacko, open zaurus, etc.). I could also install software, scripts, or anything else that someone might want, and after I could do a NAND backup to a CF or SD card if provided.

3. Would selling on ebay be a good idea? I notice that ebay doesn't have a lot of clamshell models. Is this because there isn't a demand for them?

4. Are there legal issues that I should be worried about?

I'm a strong believer in Zaurii, and I would like to help others obtain them, and hopefully make a little extra income in the process. biggrin.gif
19 Apr 2005
Ok, prepare for a long post, but first, something to pique your curiosity:

I wasn't sure where to post this, seeing as I'm sure this could be accomplished using any Zaurus with a 640x480 display.

What started everything was my desire to be able to have access to all of my music (40+ GB of oggs) in my car. I came accross mp3car.com, and it was all downhill from there. I realized that the most expensive part of a car computer is the display. So I said to myself, why can't I just use the screen on my Zaurus? It's 640x480, touchscreen, it's perfect! And so began my quest...

I want this post to serve as a guide for anyone who might attempt something similar, so that they don't have to make the same mistakes, and agonize over the same problems that I did. So if you just want the pics, feel free to scroll down, otherwise read on.

Here's what makes it all work:

Stuff I had-
* Sharp Zaurus SL-C750 running pdaXrom
* Old PIII 500MHz, 256MB running Windows 2000
* Seagate 200GB 7200RPM HD (a bit overkill)
* Sony CDX-7000X head unit
* Sony XA-300 Auxiliary Input Adapter
* LG VX3200 phone (Verizon service)

Stuff I had to buy-
* 400 watt inverter
* Opus 150W DC-DC power supply
* 8 10' USB extension cables (only using 5, but buying 8 gave me free shipping!)
* 4 port USB hub
* 6 AWG wire from a local car audio shop (FYI, don't buy cable from Home Depot, that stuff isn't meant for cars, I found that out the hard way)
* Lots of other small wire and connectors from Home Depot
* 80 amp in-line fuse close to the battery (is this too much/little?)
* Universal PDA car mount off ebay (got it for $10!)
* LG USB cable

My first attempt at getting everything together was with the inverter (I didn't have the Opus yet). As soon as I plugged in my computer the "fault" light on the inverter would come on, and the computer would not power on. I spent a while searching the mp3car forums, and eventually I found an answer. I had to disconnect the ground wire in my computer's power supply:

(I had tape on the connectors just to be safe)

Apparently this is a problem specific to Vector inverters, it seems that other brands of inverters don't have this problem. Obviously this is a bad idea electrically, so I made sure that I grounded the case to the car chassis. Once I did this the computer would power on via the inverter.

Next, I needed a way of getting the display from the computer onto my Zaurus. Luckily, VNC runs on both Windows and Linux. I did have to setup an "ethernet over usb" connection between the computer and the Zaurus, which was pretty easy. Then I had to create an icon on the Zaurus to make it easy to connect.

So now I could connect, launch Media Car, and start playing music (by the way, I'm using the USB connection on the AX-300). At this point I encountered the problem that would take me weeks to figure out...

Clicking and popping noises(!!?!?)

These noises were completely different from any electrical noise I had ever heard. I spent hours, days, weeks even, grounding to different places, trying different power supplies, cables, connections, NOTHING made a difference! So then I finally broke down and bought the Opus 150W. The Opus arrived, I got everything connected and working, and to my horror, the noises were still there!!!!! So at this point I knew it wasn't engine noise, or bad cables, the inverter, or whatever. Just for the hell of it I tried disconnecting from VNC, and to my amazement, the noise was gone!

It seems that there is something to do with the VNC connection that is introducing these clicking and popping noises. So this is a pretty big problem, as it means that I really can't be connected to the computer while it's playing music. Luckily I came up with a relatively easy way of disconnecting and reconnecting to the computer. So how it works is, I get my playlist together, hit play, disconnect, then if I need to pause/change tracks/add tracks, I just reconnect, do it, and disconnect.

It's not perfect, but it beats paying ~$300 for a display!

Ok, time for the pics...

My awesome wiring job with the 80 amp in-line fuse.

A crappy picture of the computer and inverter in the trunk. As it is, I've connected the positive and negative wires from the Opus to the terminals on the inverter. I'm sure there's a better way to connect them.

The AX-300 and USB hub are in the arm rest. All of the USB and power cables go under the passenger seat and underneath the center console.

Two USB cables come out beneath the center console.

The powerstrip on the passenger side. Right now I'm only using it for my Zaurus.

The CDX-C7000X, USB!!!

Here's what the mount looks like. All I did was super glue the battery cover for the Zaurus onto the pda mount. So far it seems very sturdy, I'm surprised. Now I just need to order another battery cover... wink.gif

The mount from behind, notice the vorbis fish!
17 Apr 2005
This should be easy.

How do you disconnect vncviewer when it's in fullscreen? What keys do I need to press?



Ok, from the documentation it looks like F8 is used to disconnect, but the Z keyboard doesn't have function keys...

Can anyone help me map one of these keys to F8?

It would really help with this "project" I've got going.


Ok, I used xev to find out the keycode for the button on the left in the picture above, then I added this to /etc/X11/kb/corgi.xmodmap:

keycode 129 = F8

This gives me a menu, which I can use to select "exit", which is good, but I would really like to exit from vncviewer completely by pressing this key.

Ok, that's it for me for tonight, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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