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17 Feb 2010
I feel very much let down.

I was very happy when I first got my Zaurus, expecting a large user community with active developement, but it seems the SL-5500 got obsolete in no time at all...

I got the Cacko rom installed and I used it happily for some time, but somehow it got broken... I canīt get ScummVM to work anymore, mplayer neither... Donīt know which version of the actual Cacko rom is meant for my Zaurus nor where to download it...

Could anybody tell me what would be the best OS for my poor little old Collie? Iīd like to use some games (scummvm, mame, c64) and some multimedia apps (video & mp3) and a good PDF reader (and possibly read other eBook formats), check my mail (IMAP without the need to download all the mails) and do some web browsing. I already gave up the hope to have a nifty painting program that really makes good use of the touch sensitive screen...

I got a 2Gb SD (Kingston) and a 2Gb CF (Kingston) card, but due to the 1Gb limit, Iīm using a 1 Gb SD (Sandisk)... The 2Gb CF card works fine. My wireless network adapter is a Linksys WCF12, which used to work fine with the Cacko Rom.

Please help!
30 Jan 2005
Hi there,

On some packages I'm trying to install I get this error:

"The filename of this package includes character this application can't handle. Please change filename and try reintall"...

For example, this occurs with the mplayer ipk at: http://www.zeb.uklinux.net/files/mplayer_0.90pre10_arm.ipk

Any idea? Workaround?
27 Jan 2005
Pls. don't flame me for asking this unsure.gif

Why NT4 in the first place? Well, 'cause my poor old laptop can't handle WinXP (233Mhz, 96Mb RAM and 4Gb HDD). NT4 is a lot better (stabler & cleaner) than win98 and I can't install Linux because I need a M$ OS for the Garmin Mapsources of my gf's GPS. So the lappie is stuck with NT4 Workstation (+SP6a).

I got another box with Linux running, but I'd like to be able to use the Z on the laptop. I know NT4 has problems with USB, so I'll forget about that (or is it possible?).

But how about the serial port?
I got a SerialoZThinCable USB. With 2 converters on my laptops serial port (SERIAL to PS2 and PS2 to USB) I can plug the usb cable from my Z into the serial port of my laptop. In theory, this should work...

But now how do I get QTopia Desktop to see my Z???? With USB I had to install the USB drivers! Don't I need any drivers with a serial connection? In QTopia Desktop, I've set "PDA connection method" serial, but no go... items in synch menu stay grayed out...

Am I doing something wrong? Anybody has experience with Z on NT4?
24 Jan 2005
Can anybody help me out?

I'm trying to install the "ZGCC GNU Compiler Suite Release 2.02" on my Zaurus.

Configuration instructions are here: http://s91215199.onlinehome.us/zaurus/zgcc2install.html

But I get stuck on the part where I have to configure the compiler sad.gif

I have to run "source zgcc.sh" as root, but root doesn't recognize the command "source"...

Any suggestions?
19 Jan 2005
Finally I got my very own SL-5500, which makes me extremely happy... Got some nice stuff working (prBoom, ScummVM, qpdf2, embedded console...) but I can't mount Samba shares mad.gif although I've been fighting with it for a whole day now...

I downloaded and installed smbmount, but the page where I downloaded said I had to install Libncurses5 by remounting the root as rw (mount -o remount,rw /) but alas, no success...

The libncurses5_5.0-6.0potato1_arm.ipk doesn't install correctly (extraction error) and the libncurses_5.0_arm.ipk does only work for user "zaurus", which is of no use, because shares need to be mounted as user "root": as soon as I do a smbmount as superuser, then it starts to complain about missing libraries...

I guess the root filesystem needs indeed to be mounted as "rw" in order to get those libs in the correct location, but it's a cramfs filesystem!!!! These can only be "ro", right???

I got Sharp Rom 3.1 running on my Z... would the Crow ROM solve these problems? I'm thinking about switching over to the crow rom anyway, because due to some severe hangups (double reboot bug, I suppose), I lost all my configs, and since I'm experimenting a lot, this means a lot of reinstalls smile.gif

(I'll switch to the Crow rom or openZ in order to preserve my configs, even after a full reset...)

So can anyone help me out with this samba thing???? Apparently a lot of people got it working, so what am I doing wrong? pls. help

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