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4 Feb 2006

A vendre (cause plus assez de temps pour faire joujou avec):

1 Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000, excellent état (protection d'écran dès le début)

1 carte CF Wifi
1 carte CF Bluetooth Socket RevG (celles qui ne dépassent pas du Zaurus)
1 carte CF GSM/GPRS
1 carte CF ethernet
1 cable USB Host
1 cable USB rétractable
1 chargeur de voyage
2 étuis de ceinture (néoprène + cordura)
1 stylet 3-en-1
1 SD card 256Mo
1 souris USB de poche pour brancher sur le Zaurus
+ quelques autres goodies (le temps de vérifier ce que j'ai pour le Zaurus et je poste la liste détaillée... d'ici deux ou trois jours! wink.gif )

Appareil visible en région parisienne.

Mise à prix 600 Euros le tout.
24 Nov 2005
Hi all,

I've flashed the latest 3.5.4-RC of Opie/OZ, and I'm impressed overall by the result.

My (new) WiFi CF card (D-Link DCF660W) is recognized out of the box, it also works like a charm with WellenReiter (bundled with the ROM). Nice!

On the other hand, my Socket Rev G. Bluetooth CF card isn't recognized, but I've not done much to search that topic.

More concerning to me, I've stumbled on the (known) bug where creating a POP3 account in the mail application causes an error (problem creating the correct folders, it seems), so the mail application is totally useless for now.

Does anyone know what's the expected folder/file structure in the Mail application, so that I may create it manually and try to make the application work until it gets fixed? wink.gif (Yeah, I know, I should be trying to fix it myself, just too short of free time to do this right now...)
24 Nov 2005
I've tried to flash my C3k with gpe-image-spitz-20051021200253.rootfs.tar.gz, and it does boot and start nicely.

I'm unable to suspend or switch off the Zaurus, though, the on/off button doesn't work, and issuing a "apm -s" command in the terminal result only in an error message (device busy or something like that, can't recall exactly, and I've reflashed Opie since...)

Did anyone else try GPE on a C3000 recently? It looks good, and promising, but if I can't turn it off it's a no go for me... sad.gif
10 Jun 2005
Hi all,

I've just purchased (on eBay) a Socket Bluetooth CompactFlash card (rev G), and I'm trying to make it work on my SL-C3000 (with a Cacko 3000 beta 1 ROM).

First attempt didn't cause any major trouble (i.e. no crash), but although the card is recognized correctly as a "Socket Bluetooth Card v2.5" by the cardmon applet, I can't seem to make it work. I couldn't even get it to detect other bluetooth devices (like my BT phone), much less pair with one...

I've got zero experience with bluetooth in Linux (though I used it a lot with various other OSes and devices), so I don't know exactly how to get started... From the Cacko 3kb1 readme file, it seems that the Cacko 3kb1 ROM includes "Bluez Scripts from Cacko ROM & Bluez Dialup and PAN applets from Cacko ROM", whatever that means. wink.gif So instead of jumping on ELSI or Killefiz and installing the whole lot of bluez-related ipks, I investigated this forum first. I've found a very interesting thread about this particular card and the Cacko ROM (1.22 at the time the thread was written, more than one year ago), but before starting to hack myself and break everything, I thought I would ask here first:

iamasmith, did you include in 3kb1 all the fixes and hacks involved to make the Rev G version of this card work with the Cacko ROM on the 3000? Does anyone else here use this card with the Cacko 3kb1 ROM?

I tried to create a new "Bluetooth - PPP" entry, but I'm not quite sure about what I need to do to create a working entry: in the first (Account) tab, what is the "Phone" field meant to do?

Likewise, in the second tab (Modem), I tried various BT devices values (/dev/rfcomm0, /dev/ttyS3 or /dev/ttyS03, since the Rev G card appear to be handled as a serial card), but whenever I expand the "BT DUN" popup list, it's always empty, and the "Search" button on the bottom right returns immediately a "No devices with DUN profile found" dialog box, without even waiting for the 5 seconds default timeout.

I've checked that the card is correctly recognized by "cardctl ident", and "cardctl status" does report the card to be ready (i.e. not suspended) when I insert it, but this doesn't bring me much farther... (note that the card is suspended when I switch the 3000 off, and it remains suspended (until manually resumed) when I switch the 3000 on.

Does anyone have a suggestion about what I should try next? Any pointer (except the Bluez OESF howto (which states "This howto describes how to setup the BlueZ Bluetooth drivers on a Sharp 3.x ROM (or a ROM based on this), which has the 2.4.18 Linux Kernel.", which may not be applied "as is" to the 2.4.20 kernel used by the 3000...).

Thanks in advance for any help! smile.gif
15 Mar 2005
Hi all,

There's a v2.0 update to the bundled music player application for the Zaurus SL-C3000. It's a Japanese version, but if you're willing to have a look you can get it here:


The playlist support is improved, you can sort your tunes by artist, album or genre, and you can probably get the player to display a picture when you listen to a tune (should be possible to get it to display the cover of the disc, for instance...), and probably a few other improvements as well (the website mentions WMP (Windows Media Player 10) support)

The good news is that every menu is in English if you install this on an Englicized Zaurus! wink.gif
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