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24 May 2005
I'm using an insecure browser right this minute! Be afraid. Be very.. wait, that's me that should be afraid. Rats.

Where did the project pick up the source code (besides mozilla.org) for the 1.0 version of Firefox? is someone tooled to do the build of the latest versions of ff and mozilla? I haven't checked, but I imagine thunderbird and sunbird need refreshing. too. I'm prepared to help, but I'm not set up for cross compiling with this toolkit. And I'm not patient enough to build anything like Mozilla on any of my Zaurii. 8)

The kernel probably needs multiple security patches too. See my post later in this thread.
22 May 2005
Note: Updated for nonpareil_0.67-pdaxrom-0.1 release

HP Calculators for pdaXrom/kathrin

This is a new release of my port of nonpareil which is a microcode level simulator of old HP desktop calculators by Eric Smith. Highlights of this release include the addition of 14 (!) calculators, including the HP-41CX.

All the calculators together take up lots of space, so I have separated out the base simulator, and produced add-on packages for the calculators. Here is a :rogues gallery" of the included calculators:

"Classic" Calculators

HP-35 Attached File  35.png ( 328.21K ) Number of downloads: 159
HP-45 Attached File  45.png ( 177.1K ) Number of downloads: 48
HP-55 Attached File  55.png ( 421.79K ) Number of downloads: 38
HP-80 Attached File  80.png ( 318.74K ) Number of downloads: 55

"Woodstock" Calculators

HP-21 Attached File  21.png ( 243.61K ) Number of downloads: 36
HP-25 Attached File  25.png ( 370.71K ) Number of downloads: 39
HP-67 Attached File  67.png ( 315.66K ) Number of downloads: 55

"Spice" Calculators

HP-32e Attached File  32e.png ( 317.4K ) Number of downloads: 41
HP-33c Attached File  33c.png ( 285.92K ) Number of downloads: 57
HP-34c Attached File  34c.png ( 321.35K ) Number of downloads: 37
HP-373 Attached File  37e.png ( 272.91K ) Number of downloads: 36
HP-38c Attached File  38c.png ( 332.56K ) Number of downloads: 40
HP-38e Attached File  38e.png ( 332.56K ) Number of downloads: 52

"Coconut" Calculators

HP-41CV Attached File  hp41cv.png ( 160.47K ) Number of downloads: 191
HP-41CX Attached File  41cx.png ( 160.47K ) Number of downloads: 149

"Voyager" Calculators

HP-11C Attached File  hp16c.png ( 6.74K ) Number of downloads: 125
HP-12C Attached File  hp12c.png ( 6.09K ) Number of downloads: 112
HP-15C Attached File  hp15c.png ( 6.94K ) Number of downloads: 150
HP-16C Attached File  hp11c.png ( 6.99K ) Number of downloads: 232

The quoted names refer to processor architectures. Refer to Eric's site for details.

As you can see, the "Voyager" calculators are layed out in landscape mode. This probably makes them the most suitable calculators for actual use on a clamshell Zaurus. The "portrait mode" calculators will fit on a clamshell's rotated screen, or on an SL-6000's normal mode screen. Of these, the HP-41CX is the most powerful, with Alphanumerics and superior programmibility. Of couse, it's 25 years old, making it among the younger of the calculators represented!

Personal Note

The HP-41C is the machine on which I first learned to program back in 1982. I didn't even know that was what I was doing until I was a good way through the introductory material in the user manual. For years, in order to understand an unfamiliar algorithm, I would code it in HP-41CV's register-oriented assembler-like RPN language. Finding nonpareil was therefore a great delight. Before there was Zaurus, before there was Linux, there was this calculator. Awwww.


Anyhow, I built this package natively on my 860 using the zgcc from kathrin-rc10. I imagine there might be difficulty running it on an earlier version, but maybe not. (It is reported to run on RC9 as well.) You will need to install the base ipk nonpareil_0.62, then one or more of the nonpareil-hp* calculator packages Note that if you installed the first version of this software, hp-41cv-nonpareil_0.62_armv5tel.ipk, you must uninstall it before installing these packages. If you don't, you will get errors when you install the new ones.






Internet Resources:
www.hp41.org Great starting point. Thanks to sheck.r!
nonpareil.brouhaha.com Eric Smith's site for this software. Lot's of useful docs and links on his simulators.
HP-11C page @ MoHPC Museum of HP Calculators
HP-12C page @ MoHPC Museum of HP Calculators
HP-15C page @ MoHPC Museum of HP Calculators
HP-16C page @ MoHPC Museum of HP Calculators
HP-41C page @ MoHPC Museum of HP Calculators
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