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24 May 2007
After several years using zaurus, I am going to leave this world because I do not have enough time to dedicate to it. Also I need a PDA that can synchronize without problems with Outlook (at work), reason why I am going to buy a PocketPC.
At this moment I have certain necessity of money (I have crashed my car and I must fix it), so that I must sell my Zaurus and its accessories.

These are what I have selling:

- C3100: It is an all-black C3100 with its upper cover replaced with a black one coming from a C1000. Also I have replaced internal 4 GB microdrive, now it has a 12 GB Sandisk Extreme III CF card (triple capacity and faster). In perfect state (working and aesthetic). It has a screen protector attached from the first day and I include all the original accessories, a usb host cable and a 1 GB SD card. Price: 450 Euro.

- C1000: It is practically new since it only buys it to test alternative ROMS and as replacement, but since I have been very occupied I haven't used it. I include all the original accessories and a 512 MB SD card. Price: 250 Euro.

Zaurus accessories:

- Spare battery: It is an original sharp EA-BL08 1700 mAh battery. Price: 40 Euro.
- Remote for Zaurus: It is a CE-RH1 modified to be used with C3X00 and C1000 machines. Price: 35 Euro.
- Wifi CF card: an ASUS Spacelink WL-110. Price: 35 Euro
- Bluetooth CF card from anycom. Price: 30 Euro.
- Ethernet CF card (I don't remeber model). Price: 40 Euro.
- Dock Station for Zaurus (homemade): It integates in a small box a hub usb with two standard size usb ports (so you cand connect simultaneously two usb devices to the Zaurus), wifi, bluetooth and an external battery used so much to feed the wifi and bluetooth cards as the Zaurus. Price: 70 Euro.
- Optical mini-mouse with a mini-usb connector (so that you can connect it to the Zaurus without the usb host cable. Price: 25 Euro.

Shipping worldwide from Spain. Paypal payments welcome.
I would prefer to sell the accessories along with the PDAs (I will consider discounts to purchases in lot).
The prices are orientative. If you think that they are very high or you want to buy several articles, you can make me a reasonable offer by the forum or through a private message.
24 May 2007
Tras varios años usando zaurus, voy a aabandonar este mundillo, pues no tengo el tiempo suficiente para dedicarselo. Ademas por trabajo necesito una PDA que se sincronice sin problemas con Outlook, por lo que me estoy pasando a una PocketPC.
En estos momentos tengo cierta necesidad de dinero (me he dado un golpe con el coche y tengo que arreglarlo), por lo que tengo que vender mis Zaurus y sus accesorios.

Pongo a la venta lo siguiente:

- SL-C3100: Tiene reemplazada la cubierta superior por una negra procedente de una C1000, de forma que la C3100 es completamente negra. Tambien he sustituido el microdrive interno de 4 GB por una tarjeta CF Sandisk Extreme III de 12 GB (triple capacidad y mucho más rápìda). En perfecto estado, tanto de funcionamiento como estético. Tiene puesto un protector de pantalla desde el primer día e incluyo todos los accesorios originales, un calbe usb host y una tarjeta SD de 1 GB. Precio: 450 Euros

- SL-C1000: Está practicamente nueva ya que la compre unicamente para hacer pruebas instalando ROMS alternativas y en pruebas, pero como he estado muy ocupado apenas la he usado. Incluyo todos los accesorios originales y una tarjeta SD de 512 MB. Precio: 250 Euros

Accesorios para Sharp Zaurus (algunos validos para otras PDAs).

- Bateria de repuesto de 1700 mAh (original de Sharp modelo EA-BL08). Precio: 40 Euros
- Mando remoto para Zaurus (modelo CE-RH1 modificado para poderse usar en la C1000 y C3000). Precio: 35 Euros
- Tarjeta CF wifi (modelo ASUS Spacelink WL-110). Precio: 35 Euros
- Tarjeta CF bluethooh (marca anycom). Precio: 30 Euros
- Tarjeta CF ethernet (no recuerdo la marca, y no la tengo aqui en estos momentos). Precio: 40 Euros
- Dock Station para Zaurus (homemade): integra en una pequeña caja un hub usb con dos puertos de entrada de tamaño estandar que permite conectar simultaneamente dos dispositivos usb a las Zaurus, wifi, bluetooth y una bateria externa usada tanto para alimentar las tarjetas wifi y bluetooth como la Zaurus. Precio: 70 Euros
- Mini ratón óptico con conector mini-usb (se conecta directamente a la Zaurus sin necesidad de cable usb-host). Precio: 25 Euros

Preferiría vender los accesorios junto con las PDAs (consideraré descuentos por compras en lote).
Los precios son orientativos. Si creeis que son muy altos o quereis comprar varios articulos, podeis hacerme una oferta que considereis razonables, bien en el foro o a través de un mensaje privado.
13 Feb 2007
Hola, no me estoy desaciéndo de mi zaurus, pero tengo un amigo del curro que si quiere vender su Zaurus C3100.
Como el no tiene acceso al foro (y la compro por que le convencí yo), pongo este anuncio suyo por si alguien de aqui le interesa.

Este es el mensaje original de venta que ha publicado en otro foro no espcifico de Zaurus.


Tengo una PDA zaurus SL-C3100. La vendo por que ya no la uso porque me han regalado un mini-portatil sony con pantalla de 12'' estas navidades (se nota que se me cae la baba con el portatil).

Más que una pda es un micro-portatil, con pantalla de 640x480, teclado completo incluido y disco de 4 GB Interno. Tiene sistema operativo Linux y existen varias ditribuciones activas (cacko, OpenZaurus, pdaXrom, gentoo).

Más información y varios analisis en los siguientes enlaces (en ingles):


Está muy bien cuidada, sin ningun arañazo ni desperfecto. Unicamente la bateria no es la orginal, pues se me cayo a un charco y no iba bien. La he reemplazado por otra nueva que apenas he usado.
Incluyo cargador, cable usb de sincronización, auriculares y un cable USB host para conectar dispositivos usb a la Zaurus.

Precio: 320 Euros

Tambien tengo una tarjeta CF de 8G que compré con la intención de sustituir el disco interno de la Zaurus de 4 GB y así duplicar su capacidad.
Ál final no he hecho el cambio, pero si alguien está interesado en una Zaurus con 8 GB internos, puedo hacer el cambio antes de enviarla.

El precio de la tarjeta CF de 8 GB es de 120 Euros y si quereis las dos cosas lo dejo en 420 Euros

Doy fe de que esta en buen estado.

Si quereis contactar con el podeis enviarle un email a villa AT gtm.tel.uva.es o enviarme un mensaje privado a mi.
13 Feb 2007
Is not my Zaurus. Is form a friend that has no access to this forum.

He wants to sell his Zaurus C3100.

It is in very good condition, as new. He has the charger (100-220V), the usb client cable for sync and a usb host cable. The battery is not the original because He drops it on a puddle and it doesn't work, But he has replaced it with another buyed on eBay that is almost new.

If you are interested he also has a 8 GB microdrive card from seagate (high speed) that he bought to change the internal 4 GB microdrive. Although he never does it, I can replace the microdrives if you want so you'll get a C3100 with 8 GB internal disk.

The price for the C3100 is 320 Euro + shipping (from Spain) and for the 8 GB microdrive is 120 Euro. If you want both, he wants 420 Euro + shipping.

To can contact him sending me a pm or through his email: villa AT gtm.tel.uva.es
16 Jan 2007
I have released the new version of qpeGPS. Here is the release notes:
This is a preview version to test the new features.
Correction of posible bugs and improvements will be added in other future revisions (versions 0.9.3.x).
Tested only on Zaurus clamshells (SL-C860 and SL-C3100) under Qtopia (sharp and cacko ROMs).

Whats new in 0.9.3:

1. New feature: Profiles. Now you can save your configuration file with different names/profiles, so you can switch between configuration faster (different map diretories, gps configs, etc.).
2. Added the option to view/edit the start/resume/stop scripts that are executed to start the gps device and gpsd daemon, to resume them after the zaurus is resumed or to stop them.
3. New feature: support for tiled maps. That is, a map composed of a matrix of tiles, each one is a map/image, creating a virtual map that covers a bigger area. This allows qpeGPS to show several image files concurrently. To add a tiled map you must insert a new line in maps.txt with this format:
  TILED filename scale size_X size_Y
- filename is a text file with the same format of maps.txt that contains the images/maps description for each tile/map (they don't need to be ordered).
- scale is the scale factor.
- size_X is the number of columns.
- size_Y is the number of rows, so the map is a rectangular array of size_X*size_Y tiles/images.
4. Updated to use gpsd version 2.xx (tested with version 2.34). You can download the ipk from Misc_utilities.
5. Improved the search of maps. Before this version it could take some time (several seconds) since the position changed until qpeGPS searches on that position and shows it (specially if you have a big amonut of maps). Now the search is almost instantaneous.
6. Improved drawing of maps with large tracks. I have changed how the maps are drawn so the drawing is fast, even with large tracks (several thousands of points).
7. Added other method based on qCop messages to detect when the zaurus resumes. It works with the latest Cacko ROMs (1.22 and 1.23), so you don't need to change /etc/apm.d/bluetooth anymore.
8. Minor changes on GPS status page:
- the background color of time in Data Staus is red for no fix, yellow for 2D fix (position) or green for 3D fix (position and altitude).
- the satelite power bars are green for satelites used to fix and red otherwise.

Know bugs in 0.9.3

1. Although tiled maps are shown fine on Info page, the remove / download / import / properties buttons don't work with tiled maps.
2. While capturing tracks (write), the captured track is not show in the current map.

I have also updated my Google maps to qpeGPS page:
- Support for tiled maps on qpeGPS
- Improved and more accurate limits calculation
- It should work fine on firefox

Comments about this new version and bugs, can be submitted here or on sourceforge forums and mailing lists

Enjoy this new version
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