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5 Feb 2005
The following are still available. The cradle, both SD cards and both cases. Everything else is sold. If you don'tlike what I'm asking, make a better offer. Now that my Z and most of my accessories are gone, I just want to dump this stuff.

I have for sale, the following accessories. Shipping for 1 item is $3.00, multiple items I will have weighed and let you know.

SOLD $15.00 each. Two 5xxx series rechargable batteries. Both hold a charge.

sold - MicroInnovations keyboard, also known as the PocketTop keytboard. only slightly used, great shape, works perfectly. I have personlay used this with several differnt PDA's, and it's intended to work with most PocketPC's and Palm Pilots as well as Z's.

$10.00 each.
SanDisk 128MB SD card. (ON HOLD)
SimpleTech 128MB SD card (ON HOLD)
Original Zaurus USB cradle.

$5.00 each
NiteIze PDA holster.
Targus zippered PPDA case. The Targus case sucks for carying PDA's, but it's awsome for carrying your pockettop and memory cards.

1 Original Sharp AC charger, $10.00, 1 replacement AC charger from casio, $8.00 Sharp AC is SOLD, Casio is on hold, waiting for M/O to arrive.

I also have some litle things I can throw in if someone want to pay a litle more like Sylii and earbuds.
1 Feb 2005
This item has been split, please see my other thread.

Okay, I need some cash because I'm getting married in a month and a half and the ring she wants is still a couple hundred bucks more than I can swing. I'm selling stuff that may be of value, and today, it's my Z.

It's in good condition for a used sl-5500.

What's that mean?

It has the usual cosmetic dings and scratches, but nothing seriously ugly or in any way structural. No gouges, no cracks, just paint scratches from regualr wear and tear. The screan is good and free of noticable scratches. The original stylus was lost ages ago, but I do have a Palm tungsten T stylus for it, which is one of the best replacements available. Somewhere I actualy ahve about 3 Tungsten T stylii, and I'll included them all if I can find them, but I guarantee 1.

What does it come with?

You get the Zaurus itself, flashed with whatever ROM you want. I'm going to want to flash it before I part with it for my own safety, so just tell me what ROM you want and I'll get it flashed. It still has it's originaly flip cover, which still holds itself open.

I have 2 standard battereis for it, both used, but they both hold a charge as well as the 5500 ever did.

2 AC chargers. The origianl sharp charger and one from, I think Casio, that is the right voltage/amperage/plug size.

2- 128MB SD cards. 1 SanDisk (no problems with this one though) and 1 SimpleTech.

MicroInovations IR keyboard. This was also sold under the brand name 'Pocket-Top" and I think a couple of other names in other countries. It is in near perfect condition, only slightly used.

'Earhugger' brand ear buds with an in-line volume control.

1 NiteIze PDA holster, perfect for carrying on a belt.

1 Targus zippered PDA case. If you've ever had one of these you know that they suck for carrying a PDA in, but I found it to be great for storing the keyboard, memory cards, earbuds, extra stylii and when I had one, I kept my Wi-Fi card in it.

I may be able to find the disk that came with it, but no promisses.

I know this model is getting a litle out-dated, but it's a very solid pda, and I'm offereing it with some awsome accessories. I will entertain any offer, so don't be shy. However, I do need money soon, so if there are no serious offers within a few days, I'll be putting it on ebay. I just posted it here first, because at one time I got a lot of help at the old zug, and I thought I'd give you folks first dibs.

Also, while I would prefer to sell this as a bundle, I am willing to split it up if I get any realy good offers.
I'll try to keep and eye on this thread, but I'd prefer you send your offers via email to stephencoons@softhome.net

EDIT* I also have the USB cradle, don't know how I forgot to mention that, but I have it.
10 Oct 2004
Every once in a while, even someone as pig-headed as I am, must admit a mistake.

When the pdaXrom first started gaining steam, several people made posts about the posability of X on the 5x00 series. A number of people, including myself, espressed oppinions about what a tragicaly stupid idea that was.

While I can't speak for anyone else, I have to say that I now believe I was dead wrong. Now that I've seen the GPE version of Open Zaurus 3.5.1, I finaly see the power behind X on a QVGA PDA.

Even as terribly broken as GPE OZ is right now (first release), it's still a breath of fresh air to my Z and I would LOVE to see pdaxrom for the 5500 or some of the pdaxrom guru's lending mickeyl a hand to get GPE-Oz where ti belongs.

Just my $0.02 for the day.
1 Oct 2004
I was wondering if there is a good faq anywhere about the gpe rom for OZ. I have lot's of questions that seem generic to me, but I can't find them in the forum.

In case someone is board, and can't think of an faw, here's my biggest problems.

i can't seemt o mount my CF or SD cards, but in my file structure /mnt/card and /mnt/sd have diretories that do not appear to be on the cards. After many attempts those directories now apear on my CF card, empty, but other things that are on the CF do not show up.

Without the CF working, I have no way of getting ipks to my zaurus right now.

The package manager in the gpe version seems to be missing some realy critical features. Like defining locations to search for ipk's that can be installed. I found that through the file menu I can browse to a specific ipk for instalation, but that is a pain and I caan't realy test it without the CF anyway.

I want to us this rom because it looks absolutely fntastic, and what does work is ultra smooth, it just seems a litle broken for the moment. I can't wait for the first stable release.
30 Sep 2004
Tiele pretty much says it all. Does anyone know where I can find the entire OZ3.5.1 feed (preferably with the updated ipk's already included) as one big tarbal?

This was in the old feeds for prior version but I don't see one now.
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