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12 Jan 2016

there is an updated rootfs on github :


Instructions can be found here (Thanks Danboid) https://github.com/danboid/ZALARM-install

Experimental ArchLinuARM (alarm) rootfs for Sharp Zaurus Cxx00 Series

-   Based on http://archlinuxarm.org/os/ArchLinuxARM-armv5-latest.tar.gz (5th of Jan 2016)

-   updated to Linux 4.4.0 kernel v0.4


-   Includes dual boot with kernel 4.2.3 v0.4 for testing

-   Extract as root this rootfs to a SD card formatted with ext4 using your favorite Linux distribution.

-   Install arch-kexecboot from this github. Instructions included in the arch-kexeboot tar.

-   Enter rootfs SD card into Z and boot via kexecboot.

-   Login to minimal alarm rootfs (user : root , password : root)

-   Follow the Arch Guide and Wiki to complete your setup.

-   Extract the roofs to the internal CF drive and change /boot/boot.cfg and /etc/fstab to match your layout.

Please post any issues or suggestions, questions in regards to the roofs in this thread.

Any kernel 4.4.0 issues etc please post here : http://www.oesf.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=34420

12 Jan 2016
Hi all,

For those that are interested, there is a new kernel release.


Kernel 4.4.0 for Sharp Zaurus Cxx00 Series

- added Atheros 9k USB drivers on request

- added added CVE-2016-0728 patch

- added linux-fusion module (DirectFB multi application support, linux-one not included)

- includes staging drivers for :

    RealTek RTL8712U (RTL8192SU) Wireless LAN NIC
    Realtek RTL8188EU Wireless LAN NIC driver
    Realtek RTL8188EU AP mode
    Realtek RTL8723AU Wireless LAN NIC driver
    Realtek RTL8723AU AP mode
    Realtek RTL8723AU BlueTooth C

-  includes cpufreq governors

-  includes dirty port of 4.2.3 pxamci.c to fix read only SD card issue with 4.4.0

-  includes CF disk LED trigger

-  includes CPU heartbeat trigger instead of Battery Charge trigger (broken)

-  includes USB 180mA patch

-  includes ALARM logo

-  known issue : Screen blanks white while in console for first time

-  known issue : online charging and battery LED trigger broken, offline charging works

-  .config file included in tar.xz

-  example boot.cfg file included in tar.xz

-  arch-kexecboot based on linux 3.5 included in seperate tar.xz, including instructions

-  borzoi console keymap file included

-  if you need more firmware install via "pacman -S linux-firmware"

Please post any questions or suggestions within this thread, thanks!

All feedback welcome to improve this kernel.

30 Sep 2015

this thread is about to get ALARM running on the C3x00 series.

We aim to provide a basic functioning console only ArchLinuxArm for C3x00.

No intention to support Xorg, Touchscreen and over-clocking at this stage.

NOTE : Please post in the new threads if you have questions / issue with kernel or rootfs.

GitHub HowTo : https://github.com/danboid/ZALARM-install

GitHub Kernels : https://github.com/greguu/linux-4.4-cxx00/releases/

GitHub RootFS : https://github.com/greguu/alarm-zaurus-c3x00/releases
22 Oct 2009

I hope there are still some people using debain armel on their zaurus.

The new udev package for armel will brake your system so DON'T install it but set it to hold with aptitude.
We need a newer kernel for future support of debian udev packages. The package was installed for me without any warnings!
The new /etc/initd/udev does not check correctly for the required kernel version with signalfd support !
I found this http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=550200

If you updated the new udev package with old yonggun you will need to fix it with installing the older udev from debian stable.
This is tricky since without working udev you will have to create the dev block links yourself with mkdev. See cat /proc/partitions after
you inserted a sd card with the old udev package. You can mount the partiton with mount after you created the dev link with mkdev.

zubunutu kernel does not work nicely under debian and I want to compile a newer kernel.
Someone got all the patches needed ?

15 Dec 2005

Ho Ho ! Hello at all.. this is my first post here..

I've compiled a recent version of the e17 cvs code (022) (fetched on Dec 8).
The keybindings combindend with the "remember window size and position"-function give great usability for Zaurus users.
Not to mention that e17 is eye candy ;)

Note: These are experimental packages. Enlightenment isn't released yet and not
fully functioning at the moment. Also it is quite unstable. Use at your own risk.
It works on a C3100 with pdaXrom (rc12) here. Nothing else was tested yet !
So please test and give feedback in this thread :)

To install, follow the steps below :

1) First you have to get the EFL libraries and E itself:


You can use this feed : http://mail.pdaxrom.org/contrib/daal

Note: There are also other Enlightenment libraries in this feed !
Those are not needed to install and run e17!
If you are familiar with e17 you might find them usefull.

2) Next, edit .xinitrc in your home folder:

# Very simple session manager for enlightenment
test -e /proc/power_key_off && echo "0" >/proc/power_key_off 2>/dev/null
test -f /etc/profile && . /etc/profile

if [ ! -d $HOME/Choices/common ]; then
   mkdir -p $HOME/Choices/common

if [ -f $HOME/Choices/lightnpower.cfg ]; then
   lightnpower.py --loadandquit

test -f /etc/X11/kb/akita.xmodmap && xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/akita.xmodmap
test -f /etc/X11/kb/userdefined.xmodmap && xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/userdefined.xmodmap
test -f /usr/bin/chkhinge && /usr/bin/chkhinge 2>/dev/null >/dev/null

enlightenment 2>/dev/null

test -e /proc/power_key_off && echo "1" >/proc/power_key_off 2>/dev/null

Enlightenment starts now when typing "startx".

3) To edit the favorite applications menu, follow the steps described in the user guide.
Read also the FAQ if you are not familiar with enlightenment.
Creating icons and adjusting the menu is not that handy right now.

There is a tarball with some prebuild .eap files here.

Extract it to ~/.e/e/applications/all .
You can place the applications in the menu or ibar while putting the name of the .eap file to the .config in the corresponding folder. You can also create submenus.

Note: Some of the prebuild eap files start applications that need root previliges.
You need "sudo" installed and configured for them.
(I'm asuming you are not running as root :)

4) Using enlightenment_remote (read the user guide!):

Examples :

To speed things up a bit, you should disable and unload unneeded modules :

enlightenment_remote -module-unload modulename
enlightenment_remote -module-disable modulename

which will remove the module from memory.
and you can lower the image and font cache :

enlightenment_remote -image-cache-set 512
enlightenment_remote -font-cache-set 128

and lower the framerate of animations :

enlightenment_remote -framerate-set 10

and set virtual desktops to 1 if you want :

enlightenment_remote -desks-set 1 1

to adjust the keybindings, also enlightenment_remote is used. (read the user guide)

Default keybindings that work for me :

Control + Alt + X = Closes window
Control + Alt + K = Kills window
Control + Alt + I = Iconify (minimize) window
Control + Alt + G = Toggles gadget manager mode on and off
Control + Alt + A = Opens the "Favourite Applications" menu
Alt + Tab = Opens the E17 tab dialog

Thats it!

and have fun..

Some Screenshots are attached below.
Attached File(s)
Attached File  e17_fav.png ( 240.9K ) Number of downloads: 1764
Attached File  e17_remember.png ( 125.54K ) Number of downloads: 1337
Attached File  e17_weechat.png ( 80.49K ) Number of downloads: 1214
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