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21 Apr 2010
Just in case anyone missed it, I thought most of OESF would be interested in the recent round up review of various 8 to 64GB compact flash cards by Toms Hardware


That mostly answered one of my big zaurus questions, the other is this. What, if any, CF wifi cards are available that support 11g, monitor mode and packet injection? SDIO isn't well supported under Linux from what I hear so I doubt there are any sdio cards that can meet these requirements are there?

I'd also like to hear from people with c3x00 who have swapped out there microdrive for a larger CF esp. of the 16GB variety as I'm thinking of getting a 16GB CF for my c3000. I presume that'd be handled OK? Is there a limit? Whats the largest CF anyone has tried as Z storage?

I also seem to remember somebody posting a visual guide to disassembling a Z for this exact procedure- upgrading the internal CF of a c3x00. Anyone know if these pics/ guide are still up somewhere?
18 Jan 2010

I've not logged into OESF for a couple of years now- there doesn't seem to have been much activity in this forum lately (obviously eveyone has moved on to newer gadgets- N900's, openmoko, Android, Netwalkers etc.) so I'm hoping I won't be waiting too long for a response. My c3100 only lasted a few months before I had a ROM issue that would've required me send it back to SHARP Japan which I never did but this xmas I got given my dads c3000 which he hasn't used in some time now, which will keep me busy until my Pandora eventually arrives. Anytime now they say, honest! wink.gif

I managed to dig out my c3100 but god knows where my AC adapter went and my dad has lost his too so I've not been able to power it on since I got it off him. The English Zaurus manual doesn't give specs for exactly what AC adapter is required, they just say "use the official SHARP AC adapter" which I have been unable to find on ebay. I do have one of those adjustable AC adapters and I tried it at 4.5V or whatever the nearest setting was but that didn't work- hope I didn't damage my Z trying it out. Does anyone know where I can get an AC adapter in the UK that will work well my my c3000?

Whats the best distro for the c3000 in 2010? Last time I was here, pdaXii13 was the best 'desktop Linux'-alike distro but since then I've noticed Ubuntu has been ported (zubuntu, of course) and maybe the Zaurus Debian experience has improved in the last couple of years? One of the major advantages of pdaXii13 was that it had working bvdd support in mplayer which allowed you to play QVGA videos smoothly- did anyone ever get bvdd working under zubuntu/ Zaurus Debian or get smooth video playback comparable to bvdd any other way ie through fbdev or whatever? The other thing that concerns me about zubuntu/ zdeb is power management? Mainly I'd like to know if suspend and resume work properly ie as well as or better than pdaXii13? Do we ever hear from meanie any more here?

13 Apr 2008
Well it would seem mr Meanie has all but left the Z community for good so I gave up on waiting for a fixed-up pdaXii13, took the plunge and followed zdevils deceptively brief guide to installing Debian EABI- never did get wifi working under the latest ii13. It took me about 8 hours in the end to get most stuff set up I need. First impressions of EABI are good- it works much better than the last versions of OZ/Angstrom I tried on the c3xxx, it resumes much faster than pdaXii13 does but to me it doesn't seem quite as nippy as pdaXii13 (which I'd put down to the larger memory footprint of running full Debian) and the tarball linked in zdevils guide certainly requires a lot more configuring than pdaX if not as much as Titchy or Debian from scratch would. The best bit is knowing I can now apt-get over 23k packages or whatever its up to now! biggrin.gif

I've read zdevil is working on a more refined tarball image with many more customisations and tweaks, so I eagerly await that but in the mean time I've encountered a few issues that some of you may have already solved:

1 - Can I get the matchbox-card-applet or something similar for the icewm panel? If not then just getting vfat(/fat) cf/sd cards to auto-mount would be good enough.

2 - Screen/power settings? At the moment when I shut the Zaurus lid, it does nothing ie the screen stays on and it doesn't suspend. I'd like it to go into suspend mode when I shut the screen if poss. Also, can I get an applet for icewm to blank the screen when I'm just using the Z for music playback , again similiar to the matchbox tool under pdaX?

3 - Under pdaXii13, I just had to uninstall the scim packages and that would cut the load time of gnumeric from about 30+ secs to around 6 seconds! scim doesn't seem to be installed presently but I was wondering if anyone could think of some packages I could remove or any other tweaks that may get me a gnumeric loading time that competes with the pdaX one?

4 - How do I overclock to 624Mhz (for when I'm compiling mainly)?

5- Not tried playing any vids yet, whats the best mplayer command for playing a 320x240 (avi) vid under Debian EABI?

Thanks to zdevil for the guide and thanks to all those who can help my improve my Z/Deb experience!

"Debian - the great work of the digital age"
31 Dec 2007
I'm running pdaXii13 5.4.9 on my c3000 and everything is working great except wifi and mounting the internal vfat partition as a USB drive. The wifi problem I've been unable to solve but I've heard good things about wifi under Titchy so thats tempting me to it. I think the usb storage problem won't be too hard to fix but I've not tried as it would be made redundant when I get wifi working which is a pretty important Z feature for me.

The only thing cacko has over pdaXii13 when you get it all working (which I've done with earlier releases, when the keyboard freeze bug was around wink.gif is that it resumes instantly instead of 5-10s like pdaX. What are suspend and resume times like in Titchy?

My other concern is video playback. I really value being able to play back 320x240 vids and play gngeo etc thanks to bvdd under pdaXii13 but last I heard 2.6 video playback was still lacking on the Z. Have things improved?

Is Titchy faster overall? How about stability and power usage vs running pdaX??

Happy New Year OESF!
23 Dec 2007
I've been away from pdaXii13 for some time now. My wifi card always works fine under Cacko and it also used to work no probs under earlier versions of pdaXii13 but it just blinks at me under 5.4.9.

I see that Jon_J and others with an Ambicom card got theirs working in this thread here:


but reading that thread hasn't solved my problem. Meanie says to uncomment everything but your own card from /etc/pcmcia/config but the problem for me is that my card isn't listed in that file. My wifi card is a Senao NL-2011CD, Prism2 chipset I think.

If I do an lsmod I can see that both hostap and hostap_cs are loaded- could this be the problem?

Also, how do I get full screen, bvdd video playback working? I noticed there is no bvdd module loaded and 'modprobe bvdd' fails

So would these problems be fixed if I upgraded to pdaXii2? Which is more stable and bug free, pdaXii13 5.4.9 or pdaXii2?


X did something a bit weird (a big desktop switcher just appeared in top left corner of the screen) so I did a reboot. Tried playing a video again after a reboot and it played full screen OK, bvdd is loaded now! Yay! I was thinking my luck might be in but still no wifi sad.gif
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