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5 Jul 2006
First of all, let me say thanks to the OZ team for a great 3.5.4 release. It't fixed so many issues. I'm running a collie with 3.5.4 Hentges Rom, and I've got a weird problem. My wifi card once inserted will immeadiately active DHCP mode a scan for an open network. It will not stop or let you do anything to it, till it finds one, or drains the battery. When I try and stop my wifi card with the network program in Opie, it fails. This is because it's scanning for an open connection endlessly (the led flashes, and the info shows the unit channel hopping) Wereleitner II also warns of an active dhcp connection, and also fails to stop it. What could be causing this weird behavoir and how can I fix it? I looked into ifconfig and the like, but I don't see anything that would help. Not sure where the network.conf file would be, or what it should look like. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
21 Apr 2006
After freezing while starting xmms, the disk was corrupted, generating alot of nasty errors on boot. After failing to start opie, it still gives me a shell, but I can't login. Are there any defaults for usernames or passwords? I flashed with hentges rom and opie. I'd like to see if fsck can rescue me out of this one, before just reflashing.. Thanks
16 Feb 2006
Put the two files from pocketworkstation.org on your sd or compactflash card


Open terminal app and follow as below. This should work perfectly on a sl-5500. Your mileage may vary. I know other have had troubles with permissions, etc. this should work as long as your running as root.

vi /home/sharp/etc/launch.default
type a,ZZ    #save 'a' to file and quit. See launch.config
             #for details,prevents qtopia from restarting

terminate qtopia via shutdown app, terminate
10 seconds later, you'll see a command prompt


#If you need to format card
umount /mnt/card  # SD/MMC card
mkfs.ext2 /dev/mmcda1  

umount /mnt/cf      # CompactFlash or Microdrive
mkfs.ext2 /dev/compactflash    

cd /mnt/card    # SD/MMC card, Sharp or OpenZaurus ROM
cd /home        # SD/MMC card, Crow ROM
cd /mnt/cf      # CompactFlash or Microdrive

gunzip gnu-tar.gz
chmod 775 gnu-tar
./gnu-tar -C debroot -xvzpf zaurus-debian-*.tgz  #This will take a about an hour

cd /debroot/INSTALL.d
Answer 'yes' to everything including 'Start Vncserver now?' and 'Start Fbvnc now?'.
Debian is now installed, and running. Read the readme, and apt get your heart ot.

icewm has two graphical config tools, icepref and iceme.
You might want to try apt getting them.

apt-get install packagename

You can get out of the X environment by pressing SHIFT+Fn+Q. (use virtual keyboard, not real)
You should be back to the command prompt after pressing Shift+Fn+Q.
To get back to qtopia, run the script to stop zdebian, put a q in launch.default, and exit.

/etc/rc.d/init.d/zdebian stop
vi /home/sharp/etc/launch.default
type r,q,ZZ

qtopia will now boot

Needed vi commands:
r              change current character
ZZ             write file to disk, quit vi
13 Feb 2006
Ok, I'm new to this community, and to the Zaurus. I just got one today, and would really like to run Debian/pdaxrom on it, as I like the idea of running a minipc out of the box. Course, it's only a 5500, so they may not be an option. I've looked at using hentges or cackos rom to start, as I guessing? the default sharp won't meet my needs. I'd like to do some wardriving, programming, and browsing on the device, as well as using media player. But, I've seemingly no way to flash the device, as I have 2 SD cards, and no CF cards. I'm not real open to buying another card, if I don't have to as I have enough (2 gb between 2 cards) storage as it is. So, can anyone point me into the direction of getting OZ or some other ROM flashed onto the device without having a CF card? And how would I then install everything to my SD card, so the data would be presevered in power loss, as well as freeing the 64mb of flash ram to use as ram on the unit. Hentges, in reading the forum, seems to be the easy way to get a quicksetup, but only with a cf card? I should mention I guess, if it helps, that I do have a CF wifi card. the LinkSys WCF12. Thanks, and great forum. Wonderful to see others using this great little pda. Had a Sony Clie, but this looks like it could go much farther.
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