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30 Mar 2006
Hello, I've noticed that if I install elements on the /mnt/user partition, they often use that as the root to search for their library dependencies in, is there a way to symlink the two partitions' libraries so that no matter which I install on, they can find what they need?

Im sure plenty of other have this problem.
25 Mar 2006
Greetings. I am new to the forum with the purchase of my new SL-C1k from Conics. I am trying to gauge interest in customized composite body replacements for the clamshell design. Since I own a 1k and the body style is common amongst 1k-3200, I have decided to do only this model as a pilot. I will be investigating into either a full kevlar/CF and epoxy resin replacement body to fit your Z, hand molded from my own.

I also have a connection for vinyl auto graphics who has agreed to provide customized logos at a very fair price (<$5 per iteration). This means that your choice of graphics at approximately $5 per color will be laser cut and placed directly on the composite body before it is coated in a gloss epoxy resin. This will give a very clean and professional look to your Zaurus, and is far, far more durable than the plastic outer casing. You will also experience a degree of weight savings over the plastic/metalic bodies.

At this time I am modeling only the top screen portion and the bottom cover of the case, to include the battery cover. The inner case (keyboard surround) is outside my ability to produce to a high degree of accuracy, but can be done on a custom basis for a larger amount of cash if you're composite obsessed wink.gif

Carbon fiber is available in a number of colors, but I will be using the standard carbon pattern that you see on performance cars, etc. The kevlar is standard tan/creme color, and looks quite industrial. Kevlar will be cheaper as it is easier to work with, and less material expense.

I'm shooting to keep the cost under $100 for the complete carbon body set, or kevlar. This is of little or no profit to me, but gives me some nice experience in working with the materials. Please let me know if this sort of arrangement would be of interest to you. Also in the works may be a molded, exact form fitting case for the clamshell 1000 and beyond series. Again, at a cost of less than $100 if possible, including a custom graphic. The case material is strong enough to withstand being thrown at a brick wall by a pro baseball player and will be padded to withstand the most clumsy zaurus user. Oh, and waterproof, and floating. And with less bulk and weight than a leather case (which is only about $25 less than my target price for real carbon fiber!) biggrin.gif

Keep in mind though, carbon fiber is in a general shortage right now due to Airbus, Boeing, and the US's lust for carbon fighter aircraft >.>
So, these prices are totally tentative.

23 Mar 2006
Hey all, I'm just thinking of ways to make pdaxrom's use even more simpler for the less linux-savvy amongst us, and my mind wanders to package management.
There are quite a few packs available to us as it stands, but the pdaxrom's 'feed' system has a pretty limited selection. When I use a major distro like Debian or NetBSD, I have a huge ports collection to choose from. Granted, theres a lot less people making packages for our Zs, but still. I don't understand why we are using seperate packaging process for different OS flavors on the Z. We are all on the same platform, we should all decide on one package format and pattern to use so we have more options. So, a few questions

1) Can packages from OZ, etc be installed under pdaxrom? Or are there too many differences between the varying kernels to make this possible? If so, what are the differences, and how can we equalize them to play nicely with eachother?

2) So, pdaXrom uses ipkg, OZ uses what? Can we cooperate on a ports collection compiled for the xscale/arm architecture as opposed to specific builds?

3) Will precompiled binaries for previous xscale/arm builds on distros like debian/gnu's ports collections function with our machines?

4) I understand there is a debian/gnu variant for the Z, will its apt-get draw from debian's ports collection? If so, then I don't see why we can't get them to work under pdaxrom.

5) Is the pdaxrom feed the authoritative package source right now? I know there are about 9000 personal package collections out there, why arent these consolidated? Is it a question of bandwidth and serving? What is the hold-up here?

My Zaurus nirvana is a land where everyone is cooperating for maximum compatibility between each other. I know there is some spirited rivalry between pdaxrom and OZ-land, and that's fine. However, I think it's best to realize that we all run the same niche hardware, and we might as well try and give ourselves as many package choices as possible. My dream would be simply apt-get'ing from the Z and having it just plain work.
16 Mar 2006
I'm fishing for a bit of expertise and perhaps some suggestions into either modding out a CF Wifi card to have some sort of antenna connection (preferably orinoco/mmcx). This topic has been discussed before, but it's also sort of a solicitation for some help. I live in a barracks where I don't exactly have room for a clean dustless space and a nice desk for all sorts of soldering equipment.

I'm looking for any suggestions as to an easy to mod CF card, and possibly someone to mod it out for me, in light of the above circumstances. As I've been unable to find a CF card that comes natively with any sort of antenna jack, I'm looking for help. My requirements are as follows:

1) Ability to use internal antenna when external gain is less (I know this is performed at the software level on some cards, where the stronger gain leads are drawn from)

2) Either a PCB-mounted jack or pigtail with a common wifi connector.

3) A natively compatible card if possible, if not, at least one that supports promiscuous mode and enumeration under kismet (which should be just about anything).

4) Hopefully the maximum (which I believe is 300mW) transmission power.

I'm sure we've dealt with this before, I've seen several options from d-link that look easy to do, but I hate d-link. I can provide you with a working CF card and any connectors you might require, along with very fair payment for your quality work. I don't need any warantees, or anything stupid like that. I'm not going to sue you. I just want it solidly built, slathered in epoxy, or heatshrunk preferably, the neater and more solid the better. I think I would like an in-built connector on the PCB better than a pigtail, as it allows more flexibility.

Again, I'd do it myself if I had the time, facilities, and expertise. The most soldering I'm used to is plumbing and some light antenna construction.
I'm in the US too, and would prefer to ship to someone on the continent before going overseas. Or, if you just have some tips or a photoguide, I'd appreciate that too! cool.gif
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