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Full Version: Wierd Stuff...
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Whilst messing about adding Intellimouse scroll wheel support for the mouse driver, I made a mistake that sent the wrong codes to Qtopia. Much to my surprise, this caused a menu to pop up that let's you change the style of each app individually on the fly.

There's only two to chose from - one is the default QT style (I don't mean the default Qtopia style - this is the normal QT on the desktop style), and an OSX clone style called Hydra (that doesn't draw 100% correctly).

The other effect of selecting one of these styles is that the app immediately becomes rootless and let's you drag it's window around the screen (works on all apps, including the email app and Opera).

It's not that useful, but it's an interesting hidden feature....

(someone's now going to tell me this is common knowledge, and I've just not noticed it in the past....)
Hehe, that has been hidden in Qt/Embedded for a long time, see qwshydrodecoration_qws.cpp and qwsbeosdecoration_qws.cpp smile.gif

I kind of like those styles.
So what were the commands then?

Don't keep us all in suspense ;-)

Turns out to be right mouse click anywhere on the title bar of an applications window.

(when I had the USB mouse screwed up, it was sending random button clicks)

You don't get it using the stylus 'coz you cann't send a right-mouse click with the stylus....
The titlebar menu can also be accessed using InputHelper and KeyHelper.

From (Japanese, with screenshots) :

Add the following to your keyhelper.conf file:
T = @qcop[TAB]QPE/InputHelper mouse(QString) "click 320 4 right"

You can then press (launch button)+T to popup the menu. The change only affects the current window, and resets upon closing the app.

Not very useful, but fun.

- ashikase
- anpachi, gifu, japan
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