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Full Version: Boot Specifications On Sl-5600
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I want to develop an small light test OS and run it in the SL-5600. So I want to know what the SL-5600 boot firmware do to boot the Linux. What kind of information it gives to the kernel to boot and where is this information (for example the amount of RAM, etc.). I read something about a tag list, but I don't know where is it (in RAM I supposse, but where...). So do you know any web or document where it is explained? Also I want to know what kind of file you may load in the zaurus (an elf binary or something different) that the firmware uses to init the "kernel" load.

Another way would be read the kernel source, but I'm a bit lost in the ARM Linux Kernel. Could you tell me what files and functions should I read?

Thank you very much.
I want to develop an small light test OS and run it in the SL-5600.

Why don't you start with the 5600 bootstrap image (which is just the basics for single user, non-GUI)?

What are you wanting to develop? You should work with what's in BB/OE (the OpenZaurus build system) as it makes life easier (and anything you develop will also be available to everyone else).

You already read ?

Besides reading this and the kernel source (i.e. linux/arch/arm/mach-pxa/*) there is not much more, because everything else is unpublished.

This is, btw., the reason we still have to deal with the ancient, buggy, and featureless angel boot loader.
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