There are applications that are build specifically for rc5-8, the ones on the current feed, the ones on the unstable feed, and some more here and there.

It also seems that some applications from the debian distribution, oldunstable feed, the familiar and in feeds for other rom that were not specifically build for rc5 or rc8 but that work well nonetheless.

Maybe Laze can pinned a thread were people can report these particular applications and where to find them.

Maybe Laze can setup a repository for these known working apps.

Maybe some people can take up the task to repackage (.deb-> .ipk, add launcher and icons for matchbox ...) and upload these apps in a new feed "external feed".
Anyone having a Z should be able to perform this task after reading half a page of documentation.

We will this way ends up with "only" 3 feeds instead of searching the forums instead to find applications:

- one official
- one with applications rebuilded for pdaxrom by contributors
- one with the rest

What do you think?