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Full Version: Do you need headphones??
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I just bought a referb 5500 and everything seems to be working fine so far but I'm starting to questions the sound.

I can open the volume application and enable sounds for keyclicks and everything. I can hear key clicks, etc. But when I open an mp3 in the media player there is no sound. I also have a guitar chord program that has a play button and hitting play doesn't produce any sound either. I'm looking for a set of headphones to see if it outputs via the headphone jack but is the sound supposed to also come out of the internal speaker?

Just wondering...
Yep you need headphones.
But get a good set and your music files will be excellent
Oops. I guess I should have read the FAQ (RTFM!!!). Sorry about that. Thanks for the reply. The headphones worked fine
If you use OZ, you can get sound without headphones...kinda cool hack! Try it out!
sound without headphones? how can that be enabled?
The latest stable version of OpenZaurus (3.2) has a driver which turns the internal buzzer into a normal sound output device. I've never used it myself so I cannot tell you how but you might want to check the FAQ section of

Most people use testing versions (3.3.5 and 3.3.6) which apparently do not include this driver. Make sure you work with 3.2.

Personally, I have doubts about the quality of the resulting sound. If the buzzer was up to the task this functionality would be enabled in the standard ROM imho. If anyone has experience please share.

I use OZ 3.2 and with xmms the buzzer is used to play music if no headphones are plugged in. The buzzer is able to reproduce ok music (i.e. you can make out the words of songs fine)at low volumes, but it distorts alot the louder it gets. This means to have undistorted playback the volume must be fairly low and so you can only hear it properly if you put the Z next to your ear smile.gif

Maybe not all that useful, but a sweet hack none the less !

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