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Full Version: Zaurus Remote With Tkc Players
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Ok, guys,
This joker went out and bought a few TKC apps (Yeah, I know Blech, yech!!! Phooey!!! But I was so naive. :^)). I have been pretty happy with them overall, but then I went out and bought the Zaurus remote off of Is there any way to get the Zaurus remote to control TKC music player? Would it make more sense for me to shift from the standard Sharp ROM to something like Cacko or tkcROM which doesn't include the original Sharp apps?


Zaurus SL-C860 with Sharp ROM
Run VNC server,, on the Z and access and control remotely using any VNC client, like
Nice answer, shame the question is about something entirely unrelated. smile.gif

The remote sends keycodes to the Z just like the keyboard does. KeyHelper can remap those keycodes to whatever TKCplayer's interface expects, although it requires some config-file editing.
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