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Full Version: Oz 3.5.2 On Sl-5600
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Right now I am using OZ 3.5.2 (I've tried every ROM out there for the 5600, this is by far the best IMHO).

I do however need some more info on how to best setup the OZ 3.5.2 ROM on my SL-5600. Particularly the IPK administration. I install a few IPK's and quickly run out of room on my 'root' install path. I try to install onto my SD card, but most fail at the 'ipkg-link' step.

So, I was wanting to know, what is the best configuration to go with when you have the following:

1gig SD Card
Standard OZ 3.5.2 installation

I notice that when I pull up the memory manager program, I see:

Internal Storage /dev/root 22528 kB
Used 21604
Free 924

Internal Storage /dev/mtdblock3 35840 kB
Used 3352
Free 32488

Internal Memory 15004 kB
Used 40
Free 14964

My question is, I see plenty of free room available, but just how do I access it and make it available to installed IPK's? Thanks for your help, also, if anyone has a howto/guide for OZ and the SL-5600, could you link me to it please.
if you are using opie-pakagemanager, maybe you try opie-aqpkg.
It works a little bit better.
If you have linking problems, just do after installing to card:

ipkg-link mount /mnt/card

With regard to where to install stuff

Type 'mount' and see where /dev/mtdblock3 is mounted. I guess it's /home.

If so, you can also install things there.

I create a directory /home/user/ and add the line 'dest user /home/user/' to /etc/ipkg.conf - this lets me do 'ipkg install -d user some_package.ipk'.

You need the modified ipkg-link so that you can 'ipkg-link mount /home/user', get it from here (it'll be in the new OZ):

See this thread for info:

You should also be able to install stuff to SD then run 'ipkg-link mount /mnt/card' to link it.

NB. You will need to restart opie to get the icons to show up (settings > shutdown > restart opie).

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