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Full Version: Syncing With Kitchensync On Kde 3.3.1
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I've been fighting to sync with kitchensync on KDE 3.3.1.

Basic assumptions: I can happily ping the Z, ssh into it etc.

The addressbook synchronization works fine.

However, not so with the more important thing - the calendar.

To recapitulate, I have following ks config for the resources:

konnector: A qtopia connector, pointing to my Z attached via USB.

korganizer: a file pointing to /home/mussi/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/default.ics

kaddressbook: a file pointing to /home/mussi/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf

If I add the calendar into the konnector resource list, it suddently multiplies itself (if I add it to the konnector resource, I can reliably close kitchensync and then when I restart it, I have between 3 and 5 extra instances of the kalendar resource appearing in the list of the konnector resoure - and ontop of it, syncing goes into some sort of endless look, only to be broken when I stop ks). However, if there's only the qtopia resource, the address book gets happily synced as it should.

Any ideas? Zync isn't in a workable state yet, and I actually don't dislike the Kontact pim suite, it's just that kitchensync isn't on par with the rest of it.
A new version of zync will be released very soon which will support.
* Todo Syncing with Kontact
* Address Book Syncing with Kontact
* A huge number of bug fixes
* A temporary imp of Full Sync so it is a workable tool for people that have not synced their Zaurus after a ROM update or just sync state clearing state.
* .KOrgTodoPlugin.conf file not existing is going to be fixed as well.
* a bunch of other stuff as well.
I've finally compiled Kitchensync 0.0.8 against KDE 3.3.1, and nada, it doesn't work yet.

However, I've fed all the data into

Maybe if some other folks could try to replicate my problems?
Hmm. You're lucky. I can't even get KitchenSync to do anything when I press the sync button. No errors, no messages, nothing but a "Ready" screen. I can ping the Zaurus on the same IP address as I've entered in KitchenSync, but something must really be amiss.

Or perhaps the KitchenSync in the KDE 3.4 beta is simply broken.
Unless I'm mistaken, KitchenSync only works with the XML based PIM apps using the FTP server that is only present in OPIE and the old SL-5500 Sharp ROMs.

zync only works with the DTM based PIM apps in the new Sharp ROMs and variants like Cacko. zync is totally separate from KitchenSync.

Perhaps there is some confusion here? Somone would have to make zync a plugin to KitchenSync to use KitchenSync with the latest Sharp ROMs.
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