I just searched the forums and there are NO POSTS OR TOPICS about the MSX??
WHAT THE @#%$&#?! The MSX is a great computer with tons of great software (Metal Gear anyone??) and I'm amazed nobody thought about this before.

Although I'm NOT a programmer, I've used a MSX emulator on my N-Gage, and it had full speed, and almost perfect sound.As a subnote, the N-Gage uses a 104 MHZ ARM9 proccesor and no other graphics co-proccesor (At least in my knowledge).So, I guess satisfying results are easy to accomplish.

So, here we go.

For anything (Source code, documentation, whatever) go here:

fMSX Home Site

If you can't find the Documentation(Either blind, stupid, whatever) go here:

fMSX Documentation

If you're interested in that N-Gage version I was talking about check here:

fMSX for Symbian

For more info go here:

fMSX for Symbian Detailed Info

I just hope someone picks this up and makes something good out of it.