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Full Version: Of Modules And Gamepads
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What is the easiest way to get a module built?
I downloaded the 2.95 toolchain for the Zaurus Kernel (not that I have a clue what to do next), and I dont know where to get the actual kernel.

Im looking to see if JOYSTICK_SERIAL is in the kernel, or if there is a module for it lurking around.

I found this site that has modules/apps to use a Gravis Stinger on an Ipaq, and I thought I'd give it a shot on my Z.

inputattach looks like it works, but stinger.o wont insmod -f

I'd like to be at the point where I can do this myself. I just dont know if I can make a module from a cross-compile environment and just drop it into a stock 3.5.2 environment.
Learning now. This is getting better.

I got all the kernel stuff sorted out it looks like. Now onto getting the input into a form that can be used.

I'm still waiting for my Stinger to show up, so I dont know how much more testing I can do until then.

If someone else wants those modules, I have them up at
they go (I think) in the order of:

Im not sure the last two are needed, but it seems that some of the steps in

suggest that they would make it so that a serial joystick would work as js0 (hopefully).
joy2key is looking for /dev/input/js0 which isnt there.

I might have to sneak over to the iPaq camp, they seem to have it working.
Ok, I really didnt want to start a new topic in another board, so hopefully I can get this resolved.

Quick question.
If I am trying to make a module for OZ 3.5.2, do I just compile the modules for the Sharp Kernel and insmod them?

Or do I need to do something the the actual OZ 3.5.2 kernel?
As you may be able to tell, I have little clue as to what I am doing.

I've got the modules installed that I mentioned before, but
inputattach --stinger /dev/ttyS0 &

Is this because the modules that I installed arent really doing any good because they are not tagged as modules in the (zImage) kernel?

I can try and express this with more detail if someone would be so kind as to assist me.
Did you build a kenel when building the modules?
Did you try installing the zImage you built when building the modules, and insmodding the modules with that kernel running?

that would at least answer the quetsion regarding the modules being "tagged" in the kernel.
is looking for /dev/input/js0 which isnt there

near the bottom:

mknod /dev/input/js0 c 13 0

Might do the trick, I'm not sure.

Ok, another really dumb question.

Can I stack 5 modules on top of eachother?
Or should I be compiling (input,joydev,serio,setser) into the kernel and making (stinger) the only module?

Dumb question #2
I would assume that I cant just dump the compiled kernel from the Sharp Kernel Package on top of 3.5.2, otherwise, wouldnt all the releases use the same zImage? So how do I get the stuff I need in order to "make oldconfig" the 3.5.2 Kernel?
The kernels are similar iirc, you may be able to just use the modules you've compiled (though you may get symbol errors I suppose).

I'm afraid I'm not completely sure how to alter the OZ kernel, but look in packages/linux/ at the .bb files.

In the event someone is waiting on my progress:

I need to pickup some MAX232(a) chips to convert the TTL levels to RS232

The stinger isnt turning on because it isnt getting power.
I'll try connecting the Rx/Tx and handshaking lines and give it an external 12v supply.

Hopefully it'll work. If not, I'll have to wait to make a converter.

Kinda getting to the point that if you have to build a box to convert the signal for the Stinger, it is gonna be easier to just build a box to use a SNES controller.

I press on.
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