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Full Version: ! Multisync And Gentoo Linux Warning !
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Hi all,
Haven't posted here for quite a while but thought I would give people a heads up on a problem I encountered with Gentoo Linux and multisync so hopefully they can avoid the annoyance / waste of time i didn't wink.gif

If multisync is installed from portage (emerge -v multisync) then the multisync source that is fetched and compiled is the 0.82 source NOT the newer 0.82-1 source. As far as I have found out the multisync author posted 0.82 source, realised there was a bug and very quickly posted newer source (named 0.82-1). The Gentoo ebuild however doesn't take account of this and gets the older, buggy source and builds that. While it appears that multi sync works fine, it has problems with the opie/openzaurus plugin and fails to sync at all. See post from multisync user list Multisync users mailing list post and the (as yet still unresolved) bug post at gentoo Gentoo bug tracker (link to ebuild patch there as well).

Before I found this info I spent quite a loooooooong time changing ROMS, recompiling the (what I thought was the stable relese) source, dumping network packets to see what commands were being sent and generally pulling my hair out in annoyance! (If anyone is interested the network dumps showed the zaurus complaing about unregistered channels, and thus refusing to flush() the relevent apps)
As soon as I grabed the newer 0.82-1 source everything went swimmingly and I could sync with evolution.

Hope this can saved others some hours of palying about, when only a recompile is needed smile.gif

Oh and Gentoo, this bug has been around for aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeessssss can someone please fix the portage tree as the patch is so simple its silly.

I didn't avoid wasting any time but you did steer me towards the solution. I too had the same problem and thanks to your post, I found the answer. Thank you!
Just to finish the thread gentoo now finally has an updated ebuild which fixes the problems described above. app-pda/multisync-0.83_20050115.

Thought it was to good to be true wink.gif

To get the opie plugin to compile USE="opie" must be passed to emerge, everything compiles without error but when you start up multisync the 'opie' plugin is mysteriously absent !
Looking in /usr/lib/multisync the opie modules have indeed been built but the base .so for libopie_sync (and infact libirmc_sync) are missing - meaning they can't be loaded by multisync.


ln -s libopie_sync.0.0.0

(And the same for libirmc_sync if needed)

Now multisync is a happy bunny.

Again, hopes this can save some ppl some wasted time.

Oh, I went to file a bug report at gentoo but someone had got there before me wink.gif Bug Report

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