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Full Version: Qpphoto For Sl-6000?
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QpPhoto (downloaded from ELSI) is a very nice app. Is it very difficult to get it to support the 640 X 480 resolution on the SL-6000? It would really be nice to be able to use it in landscape mode. smile.gif
Try tximage. Works like a charm

I've tried tximage 0.2 in VGA, but found that the thumbnail browser portion didn't adjust to fill the extra space (only showed two columns on the left, and partially covered file information). Is there a newer/updated version of tximage floating around?

I've been looking for a good image viewer/browser that can support many formats and large file sizes on the Z, but so far haven't found anything I'm quite happy with yet (tried mooview, tximage, Zimage, DoctorZ, others). I guess I might have to end up hacking one of them to do what I want.

- ashikase
- anpachi, gifu, japan
Tximage is a nice image VIEWER, but what I had in mind was being able to draw, using a bucket-fill tool. QpPhoto offers that, but does not support landscape orientation. Quite e few image editing tools support using a pen, dropper, and lets you select circles or rectangles, but I need a flood-fill tool (also called a bucket-fill tool). Anyone know of anything like that?

So far, I have tried FreeNoteQt, VisualQ, the built-in Imaging program, Sketches of Q, Tximage, and QpPhoto. (Each one is very nice, but lacks one feature or another.) I thought about buying thekompany's tkcpainter, but it is only sold for the "5X series" Zaurus, so I don't know if it will work for the 6000. If it does work, it probably will only support portrait orientation.
I also tried BookViewer - usually for japaneese ebooks in .jpg format, but works great to browse maps in .jpg format with the arrows.

you're right, each app has one good point and is missing something. It'd be interesting to take the best feature of each into one.

Regarding tximage window - yes that's a bug, I think it shouldn't be too hard to fix.
You should look at VisualQ or The Gimp with xQT.
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