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Full Version: Continued Connectivity Problems :(
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I can't understand why there's continued troubles with ibiblio lately. I ask that you please bear with us while we try to figure this out. I'm working with ibiblio suuport on this. The problem is definitely not isolated with our site.,, (all ibiblio hosted sites) are having the same problems.

I trust that ibiblio will be a reliable hosting provider, they are a nonprofit organization with resources available to have a significant hosting infrastructure. I'm hoping that this is just a fluke. At a zero cost, they definitely hit the mark as cost effectiveness (for me smile.gif).

Good news is that I have moved the sites off my servers at home, and can now get rid of the $300/month sdsl service. Bad news, we're not having much luck with reliability.

Other bad news is last week I found out that I would be getting laid off in mid February. ohmy.gif We've (my other half and myself) decided to take my severance package and move to Minnesota. I'm not worried at all about finding a good job when I get there. The cost of living is much cheaper in Minnesota (as compared to San Francisco), so after I get a new job and start making good money again, I'll be able to invest back into the sites and oesf. smile.gif

While I'm working with ibiblio to try and resolve our connectivity issues, I am also looking into other (relatively inexpensive) hosting options. It is definitely my priority to make sure the forums are available and on a reliable host.

Thanks for your patience!
I just saw this on the groklaw site:

An upgrade of the webserver hardware caused intermittent outages Wednesday afternoon. Our apologies. We hope that the hard work of the Ibiblio people will give us better performance.

Maybe this is what's causing the frequent time outs today.... unfortunately I didn't see an announcement for the upgrade... maybe I just missed it.
Sorry to hear about the layoff Offroad hop all goes well for you in Minnesota however you do know it is cold there right smile.gif
As far as the site goes I am sure we have enough users here at ZUG that whatever needs should arise to help with the site that plenty of support is here just keep us informed. Again good luck.
The connectivity problems are definitly not isolated to our sites. Many other ibiblio hosted sites reported the same problems since yesterday.

I'm confident that this will get resolved by the wonderful people at ibiblio, and that we'll have our fast forums back soon smile.gif

you do know it is cold there right

I do sad.gif I have lived in the north east (new hampshire and maine) for several years, so I think I can re-acclimate to the cold quickly. Besides, I'm looking forward to playing in the snow with my jeep smile.gif For some odd reason, I've always dreamed of being able to put a snow plow on the front of my jeep and plow the streets, maybe now I'll get that chance laugh.gif
Firstly, sorry to hear about the redundancy. I hope that you do enjoy your move, just get used to the cold weather before you go by taking a few boat trips around the bay in a Tee Shirt first wink.gif

Hmm, seeing a lot of mysql errors myself. I thought it was just bandwidth at first but it appears to be server performance.

Say, they haven't virtualised the mysql box with VMware have they ?, if they have then they certainly need to bias the disk quanta for the mysql VM - I actually would never put a heavily hit DB onto a VMware session.

- Andy
Yeah, sorry to hear about the redundancy. Hope all goes well with the move and finding another job.

I'm sure iBiblio are just having some hiccups with the new hardware or something. They've been going for a long time without many problems and sites such as have to withstand a regular slashdotting (and usually do).

This page is useful for announced downtime and large problems, etc. : (The System Status page shows they're regularly dealing with 0.4Gbps peaks in traffic)
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