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Full Version: Sharp C960 - What Would We Like To See?
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bear with my while I have a dream!

first was the 750, then the 760 then the 860 and the 3000.

the 6000N, 6000L and 6000W are in some ways better than the 860, other ways worse.

so, if Sharp were to release a 960, what should be in it over and above the 860?

I'd like to suggest some realistically achievable options:
* wifi (802.11g) AND bluetooth (but at least one) - bluetooth to offer a full set of profiles - audio (for VOIP), obex, BIP, DUN/PAN etc
* the larger display off the 6000
* a USB2 port with host function
* more memory - 128MB or 256MB flash and ram each
* a quality stereo line-in audio jack for recording audio for later mp3 encoding
* a faster processor with some acceleration for video
* a GPS adaptor which fits nicely, and decent GPS mapping software

Less realistically:
* I'd like two USB2 ports with host function, or one USB2/host and a firewire port for connection to external disk pack and with drivers for same
* two SDIO slots with full SDIO support as well as CF
* not just the 4" display but even bigger - widescreen anyone? this would also allow the keyboard to be slightly larger
* for PalmSource to make good and provide a port of their PIM apps to the Zaurus

Once we've got a complete list, wonder if Sharp will listen?
6000 screen yes. 128mb ram also nice. better video hardware definitly. make it the size of a 750 with the option of a sleeve that brings it to the size of an 860. The sleeve would have extra battery, wifi/bluetooth and phone options. I'm not asking much wink.gif
Upgrade ROM to latest kernel with upgraded drivers. Bring PIMs on par with PalmOS PIMs and provide rock solid syncing with mainstream apps (Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc).
I forgot to mention perhaps The Most Important wish:

* sell the damn thing in US, Canada and Europe with full local support *

you hear me Sharp? Don't keep this lovely Zaurus held hostage in Japan.

phew. got that off my chest!
Built in WiFi and 4GB microdrive laugh.gif
QUOTE(jerrybme @ Jan 20 2005, 07:47 PM)
Built in WiFi and 4GB microdrive  laugh.gif

hey, jerrybme, don't you have more ambition? That's just a 3000 with wifi! Not that I wouldn't like to see such a beast, but I'm hoping for a big leap forward, not just one small step for Sharp!

Sharp are clearly able to produce the ultimate PDA, especially now Sony seem to have given up on sophisticated PDAs especially outside Japan, and "all" I want is a Z that has it all!
QUOTE(speculatrix @ Jan 20 2005, 10:46 PM)
QUOTE(jerrybme @ Jan 20 2005, 07:47 PM)
Built in WiFi and 4GB microdrive  laugh.gif

hey, jerrybme, don't you have more ambition? That's just a 3000 with wifi! Not that I wouldn't like to see such a beast, but I'm hoping for a big leap forward, not just one small step for Sharp!

Sharp are clearly able to produce the ultimate PDA, especially now Sony seem to have given up on sophisticated PDAs especially outside Japan, and "all" I want is a Z that has it all!

Well, the 3000 is as big as I'd want it. I tried my 860 with the small battery and thought it was less comfortable to hold while typing, but much bigger and heavier would make it too awkward.

The 3000 is almost perfect. The things I'd want to add were the things Sharp should have done in the first place:

Faster processor. Put a 624mhz chip in it. Please!
More Ram. 128mb would be great, 256 unbelieveable.
Wireless - either BT or 802.11b. Not that I think we'll see wireless connectivity in a Sharp Japanese market-only handheld any time soon.

Wireless is a big one. I'm always swapping a CF card and my wireless card back and forth. The SD card is more or less my "permanent" storage so when I swap work back and forth between a computer and the Z I use CF. Maybe that will change when I get the 3000 and I start using the internal HD and swap stuff back and forth on SD instead. Besides, I hate having my Wi-Fi card stick out of the side of the Z. Wireless is also least likely to show up in a Z, as they have so many different wireless options over there that it's easiest to leave it out of the PDA and let the consumer choose the card and service they want to use.

Other than that, what would be nice is a 3.7 inch trans-reflective (aka sunlight readable) screen - a smaller version of the 6000's screen.

That's it. I don't want it bigger, heavier, or a different shape. You could do all of the above without having to change the formfactor, and without major retooling. I have hopes that the next part refresh will make at least some of that come true....
The device could have a 5 Ghz PXA Turbo, Wifi 802.11a b c d x y z, Bluetooth 1 2 3 5 9 15, external Video XXVGA, recorder or whatever, as long as the internal software and synchronisation software are crap, the wall thing is crap and I won't buy it! As long as there won't be a real open source community arround it but just users and sellers I won't buy it too.

What is the interesting thing to have a Ferrary Testarosa if you still need to pedal to move forward? Why support a device when its business model is the same as any other closed source business model when you want to defend open source? Are people who get there are stupid or just blind?

Well, Sharp device specifications (mainly SL-C3000) are more open than other PDA. This is the main advantage. But without a strong and joyful developper community (that mean strong communication between companies and individuals)... it won't go anywhere like all previous Sharp Zaurus.

There was a very BIG gap in this market. The market have waited and was ready to welcome Linux PDA. No company were smart enough to understand how all the thing works. More than this, the ones who tried are now trying to kill it for monopoly reasons.

Now, the Linux PDA place is thrinking quickly. And people are still expecting for a saviour, someone alone in his garage full of strange device cable and motherboard, someone with a "big heart" who would like to cure the geeks chagrin fore free. Well, "keep tuned... soon!"... and see you in 2008.
Take 3000 model and add the following:

1. Built in GPRS/WIFI/BT/GPS (ok any 2 out of those 4 would be nice step up from current 0)
2. 624 mhz chip
3. Ram - 256 meg
4. USB host (or is it already in 3000?)
5. Longer battery life (any improvement welcome - heavier battery ok if significant improvement possible)
6. Same size as 3000 but bigger screen (possible since too much wasted space for screen edges with all sl-c* models)
7. Don't spend resources on internal sharp software development as Sharp can't beat opensource stuff that's already available - ie. replace sharp pim with kopi/kapi/ompi/etc or just put whatever in it and we'll flash as usual.
8. I'm ordering at least two of these units on the first day they become available (I'll fly to Japan to get them if that's what it takes)
9. All of this can be done right now as all components are available and already exist in various devices?
My wish list:

1. Glow-in-the-dark keys, or channel some of the light from the display to illuminate the keys from underneath the keys.
2. Use AA or AAA nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries as part of the screen hinge to be a primary or secondary power source.
Some great ideas there!

I like the illuminated keyboard idea.

Seems like everyone agrees on the lack of communications option in the 860 or 3000... on the one hand wifi is best for networking, but bluetooth - especially at enhanced data rate - is good for communication with phones *and* networking, probably at a much lower battery usage, but necessarily slower than wifi.

It occurs to me that *someone* gifted with hardware skills could *maybe* craft a bluetooth module inside the 3000 *if* they could find some spare I/O.

I would hope that Sharp are going to produce a beast, as someone said, with the best of the 6000 and 3000... I would be *pleading* with my friends who occasionally go to Jp to hunt one down, and I'd hound them every day!

I note that the price premium of the 3000 over the 860 is not as big as it was, especially when you add the same fixed price for shipping etc, which makes me wonder whether an update is in the works. And Sharp, if you're listening, please consider me when you need someone to test it, OK?

All of the above smile.gif
Video out (as mentioned) but maybe rca or svga output jack for easy connection to readily available displays (Like using a tv or projector)

hardware floating point processing, if it does not take too much juice, make to much heat, or take too much space.

most important- OPEN DRIVER SPECS!!! I have a 6000. because of the sd issue I am stuck on 2.4. Because of the mystic hitachi video acceleration my video playback doesn't approach what it could be. etc... etc... The closed driver issues take up a lot of valuable time that developers could use to make useful and interesting things.
also, I'd kinda like to see a "z2" a 6000 (maybe a touch thicker) sized wide clamshell with a 6" diagonal 800x600 screen, and with plenty of ram and processor and i/o ports. (and 2 cf and 2 sd slots on board? at least 2 cf so one might run an external microdrive and an rtm 8000 , and have phone capabilities without being stuck with an on-board phone limiting the software )

If we had to do an internal disk, why not the inch and a half hardrives with gigs and gigs o storage.

oops I just designed a tiny laptop rolleyes.gif
MUCH faster processor that actually UTILIZES the Wireless MMX technology for hopefully a longer battery life. Oh yea, maybe a good GPU as well? Or maybe that is not necessary.
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