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Full Version: Non-qt Gui On Pdaxrom Issues
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i moved to the recent pdaXrom (rc8).

i'm writing there gui using GTK.
the questions are:

there are inconsistencies with other pyhton-gtk code,
ie, there's "no object named GtkXxxxxx" --- so i rename it to just "Xxxxxx" and it works.
1. Why are these inconsistencies,
2. where can i get more info about it (e.g. object reference)
3. how to run "non-compatible" pygtk without change the code
4. there's a code (in "" project) that requiers a table object (GtkTableItem or somthing similiar). that object doesnt exist in any way that i could imagine. what's going on? are there several pygtk set-ups?

is there a zaurus version out there? (couldnt find w google)

GUI builders for any gui-toolkit on the zaurus (yes, i know it's cpu-killer blink.gif but i'm dreaming, and i have no desktop machine right now to do my voodoo).
I've run into the same issue myself on DarwinPorts (BSD-style software installation for OS X). My best guess (I havent' taken the time to look at it properly) is that the 'different' pygtk is a gtk-2.0 version. The old version wasn't really right in having all it's names prefixed with Gtk & expecting you to do a "from gtk import *". It's rather more logical to have the programmer do "import gtk" and "win = gtk.Window()" for example; less namespace polution & all that, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've took the change to gtk-2 (which will break a few things anyway) to make this major change.
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