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What do you guys think of typing on the C Series? Is it easy? I don't find it easy and it takes some getting used to. I always hit the letter next to the intended letter because the letter key layout isn't exactly like a keyboard...if it was, I would be typing so easy. I wonder why Sharp screwed this up. And how fast can you guys type w/the C Series PDAs?
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Thanks, my mistake...
Considering the small size of the Cxxxx series keyboards, I think they're pretty good.

Have had a C760, C860, and now the C3000.

The C3000 has the best keyboard/keys I think. Also, really like the navigation ring thingie too... cool.gif

As for typing, sometimes I try to touch-type a bit, but often I end up using 'hunt and peck' approach....

Since the keyboard is so small I find I can type pretty fast either way.


I recently demonstrated this to a friend who couldn't believe that you could touch-type on such a tiny keyboard. For me, the keys are just barely big enough to attempt to touch-type with, but depending on the size of your hands your mileage may vary.

I own a C750, but I would imagine, depending on whether the resistance was too uncomfortable to type with, that the C3000 keys would make for a better experience.

Also, some of the keys are indeed shifted awkwardly, but I learnt to get used to it and can type comfortably and with a reasonable degree of accuracy now.
I can relate with Neverwinter. Here's my reason.

The keys in the middle row of letters on the SL-C860 are "short" on the right side. If you place your thumbs on the "F" and "J" keys (the ones with the bumps), you'll see what I mean.

I find that "touch" typing with my fingers with the Zaurus on a desk works best for me if I'm typing a lot.

There are trade-offs with every device, and despite this anomaly the C-series Z's keyboard is the best in the business.

for me the best thing about typing on the clamshell is less finger fatigue. I can type longer with less cramps. I type with my thumbs and I think I've got it down to a respectable speed.
Wow, I am currently trying out the touch typing, and it works pretty well. Never thought it would work this way before.
QUOTE(Neverwinter @ Jan 25 2005, 09:06 AM)
Wow, I am currently trying out the touch typing, and it works pretty well.  Never thought it would work this way before.

You must have really small fingers to touch type on one of these. I thumb type on it, and love it that way. smile.gif Much nicer to use than the keyboard on the 5x00, and THAT keyboard was much nicer than any other thumb board I've used.

The thumb board on the Tungsten C came close to the 5x00, though.

My favourite thing about my 860's keyboard? A dedicated number key row!!!
I have big ham hands & fingers. The C860 is slightly more difficult to thumb than my old HP200LX. More ache in the thumbs after very long sessions.

I can only "touch type" two fingered if the C860 is on a stable flat supporting surface.

But with thumbs, I can fly like the proverbial BOOH. People sometime remark on how fast the input is. But then, I started thumbing a HP95LX back in 1991, so .... G.
I can touchtype on it on a flat surface (not as fast as on a normal keyboard of course), but when on planes etc, I find the best solution is to hold it with the left hand, with thumb free to type, and then use the right hand with all five fingers. it actually works pretty well, occasionally my right hand strays over the center but it's enough to get quite good speed.
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